Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 45


A Story written by Officialfestus…

i was filled with anger, what was ringing on my head then was to hit her so hard and i raised my hand to hide her, she pulled her body on me *** Madam: hit me if you can, you son of a b—h. Do your worse and leave the rest. *** i pushed her out of my way and moved to the corridor and sat down, soon she came there *** Madam: what are you doing here? Will you go inside and start cleaning this house. *** I didnt utter any word to her and i was still sited down. *** am i not talking to someone? I said you should get up from that place before i descend on you now. *** i raised my face and looked at her and ignore her.*** ok you should come and eat in this house let me see. *** she entered inside and i sited there for 20mins before i entered inside and start cleaning the house. When am through,she prepared tea and drank, i prepared to go to market and she called me back, i Came back to her with a bold face. *** Madam: if you are coming back, don’t forget to bring ten thousand naira for Sunday food. Me: bring ten thousand from where? Madam: who are you to ask me that nonsense question? *** i was muted *** come back to this house without that money and you will have yourself to be blame. Me: have you finish because am going late? Madam: don’t lemme do what i will regret later. Me: we will all starve in this house till your husband comes back and for your information,i can never bring any farden(lowest amount of money) from the shop to this house again, If you like call your husband, i don’t care to knw. Madam: who are you talking to like that? Me: anyway you should answer that by yourself, am off to the market. *** i makes to move and she drag me back *** Madam: how dear you insult me and want to walk out on me? Lemme tell you,your days in this house is over and consider yourself fired when i call my husband on phone. Me: i only pity you because if you do that, i will leave here,yes i agreed but you will loose your husband. Madam: loose my husband as how? Me: ok lemme break it down to you, that day you were bathing and left the bathroom door open, i entered for the first time and i was amazed when i saw you masturbating. You think i don’t knw? I captured everything that you did inside the bathroom and it is on my phone, that’s an evidence that you are a s-x addict and a LovePeddler because a normal lady like you don’t engage in such dirty act. *** she was calmed and shy *** so you better respect yourself,i can even tell him that you always brought men in our house, ofcourse after seeing your Unclad video he will believe me, so keep calm and co-operate with me or i will leak your secret to your husband. Madam: what have i done to you that you decided to destroy my marriage? Me: everything lies on your hands, if you want your marriage to be destroyed, it lies on your hands and if you don’t want to, it still lie on your hands. Madam: am sorry igwe. Me: you don’t have to be sorry. *** she came closer to me and held my cloth *** Madam: please if i have done any thing wrong to you please find a better place in your heart to forgive me. I don’t really knw what came over me. *** she makes to knee down and i pulled her up *** Me:please you don’t have to knee down before me remember you are my madam. Madam: i filled so empty now. Me: you don’t have to. *** i held her two arms *** i love you as my madam and also my sister,so i can’t do anything that will hurt you if you co-operate with me but if you don’t, i will have no other choice than to do that. Madam: i pledge,i will co-operate but just do me a favour. Me: and what’s that? Madam: just forgive and forget all my strange behaviours toward you recently. Me: you are forgiven, Madam: thank you so much. Me: uwl… I have to go now… Madam: ok but please lemme make some tea for you… Me: don’t bother yourself for that ok. *** i left to the market , when i got to the market,i told Bathlomeo all that happened between my madam and i and he told me that i did an excellent job. That Saturday,we closed market early and Amanda reminded me again that she will visit us tommorow,i told her , there is no problem, that we are prepared for her… I deducted ten thousand naira from our drow for our Sunday cookings. When i got home,i greeted her and she responded with a smile and i later gave her the money. After am through with my dinner, i went to the parlour to greet her. When i entered the parlour,she was with that her bumshot and my dickson kicked up immediately, she told me to follow her to her room and i follow her. When we got inside her room,she pushed me to her bed *** Madam: igwe this room is for me and you today. *** with a twinkle of an eye,she was stripped herself Unclad *** 

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 7, 2016 — 11:03 pm

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