Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 47


A Story written by Officialfestus…

Me: beauty how are you? Amanda: am fine ooo , Happy Sunday. Me: i wish you the best sisi. Amanda: i hope your madam is around? Me: you came late,she have went out not long ago. Amanda: *** hissed *** i don’t knw if she will come back on time,so that i can wait for her or should i just go? Me: there is still time,you can wait for her if you wish to. Amanda: did she went to a far place? Me: i don’t knw because she didnt tell me where she was going to, or better still call her on phone. Amanda: i have a flat battery since yesterday and there is not light in our street to charge it. Call her for me naw. Me: *** lied *** i don’t have recharge card. Amanda: chai! You don’t have recharge card and you still have the mouth to publicize it, a whole manager like you. *** she started laughing *** Me: offence number one for insulting me in public and you must pay for this. *** she continue laughing and i later join her in laughing. After we laugh finish, She told me that she will wait for my madam, i said ok and i took her to my room, i told her that am coming and i went out, i bought suya and malt and present it to her as kola. She accepted it and kept it on the table and i was sited on my bed *** Amanda: who has this room? Me: who else but me… Amanda: na waoh! You are in paradise. Me: how? Amanda: your room is so nice. Me: *** giggled *** drink your malt before madam come back. *** she started to drink her malt and suya. As she was drinking, i was busy pressing my phone, i was thinking on how to raise a topic concern s-x but i couldnt produce any. *** Amanda: your madam have stayed long, i have waited for her, over an hour.*** i was staring at her lips and she caught me with her eyes *** igwe why are you staring at me like that? Me: there is a part of your face that is so attracting to me and i think i love it.. Amanda: hmmm….. A part of my face? Me: yes now. Amanda: *** laughing *** where is it located on my face? Me:Close your eyes let me show you. *** she continue laughing *** close your eyes now… Amanda: igwe no… Me: i just wish i can steal it from you… Amanda: tell me now… Me: not until you do what i told you to do. Amanda: ok… *** she closed her eyes and i stood up and moved closer to her and socket my mouth on hers, she open her eyes immediately and want to push me but she didnt because my whole body was on her and my two hands was already on her neck. She tried all she can to resist me but i didnt gave any chance. After some minutes of struggling to separate her lips from mine, she finally calmed down and crossed her two hands on my own neck and we continued. As we were kissing,her right hand moved down to my belt and i held her hand and separate my mouth from hers *** Me: don’t go there,am ok with this. Amanda: am not ok with it. *** she moved her hand down to my dickson and i removed her hand again *** Me: please lets forget that, it is against humanity and Christianity and it may lead us to somewhere that we will regret later. Amanda: you are not serious, when you started this,what is your aim? Me: i kissed you just to admire your lips. Amanda: you can’t be serious igwe. Me: am serious Amanda: you admire my lips by kissing me and you must admire my honeypot by banging. *** she pushed her body on me *** Me:please Amanda lets forget this, whereas here is not the right place for this and my madam will soon come back,please don’t put me into trouble. Amanda: you knw here is not the right place and you turned me on with this your magic lips and hands. Me: am sorry Amanda: i hate you igwe,i hate you with passion, you must surely pay for this and don’t ever come my way again. *** she took her purse and moved to the door and i rushed her, i tried to plead with her but she ignored me and opened the door and went away. I came back to my bed and lie down. As i laid down,i started meditating on what happened between us. But it is my fault,i have offended her After for some minutes, my madam came back but before then,i have warmed rice and stew. When she entered,i greeted her and she responded wella. She entered her room,few minutes later she called me and i rushed in *** Madam: did anyone look for me? Me:yes…. Amanda came here in the afternoon but you are not around and she left immediately Madam: she would have informed me earlier now. *** she removed her top in my present *** please help me to unhook my bra. *** chai! See me, see wahala ooo. She turned her back, my dickson kick up immediately and was ready for action.

To Be Continued…

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