Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 5


A Story written by Officialfestus…

Princess: common igwe, behave like a matured guy for once. Tell me,how do you cope with erections. Me: is that why you called out here to ask me? Princess: no just answer me. Me: *** i summoned courage to face her ***. Never mind,just Go straight to the point. Princess: ohk. I like you. Me: *** i smile and looked at her ***. Waoh! Thanks. *** her phone started ringing and she looked at it and ignored it*** princess: is that what you have to tell me? Me: who is calling you? Pick your call now. Princess: is mathew,forget about him. Me: is not good now. Pick his call. Princess: *** she aborted the call ***. Rubbish! Me: thats not good ooo. Anywhere let me not put my mouth for what that doesn’t concern me. Both of you know how you cope. Princess: igwe i want to be a woman in your life. Me: *** pretend *** i don’t understand you. So what do you mean? Princess: infact forget…don’t worry. *** soon her phone started ringing again,she pick up,after the call,she put her phone inside her bag*** princess: is my dady,he is asking me where i am. So i have to be on my way now. I will give you a call later ok. Me: no problem *** she left,i went home that day,i didnt concentrate on some domestic work that i do at home. I was just reflecting on what happened. I knew where she was going to,but i don’t want to make move. Princess is very beautiful shaa and she is sharp and clever more than me. I later decided to toast her but the problem is,what word will i use on her? In the school,we didn’t talk about it again . We only talk,gist and laugh together,and mathew was not happy, After our first term in SS2,we moved over to second term,our association went so deep that all our classmate started calling us husband and wife. They said,what i did to mathew is not good, that i snatched mathew’s wife in his very eyes. They were using that to make jest of mathew. There was a guy named company. He was named that because he was so hug. He is a cultist,womaniser,a drunker and a smoker. Soon company started coming close to her. I started jeolousing both of them though princess did not gave him chance but he is forcing him sef on her. All our the entire school,even the teachers and principal were afraid of company because of his mysterous character. After i noticed that company is coming close to princess i witdrew mysef from her. One day during break time,she told me to escort her somewhere but i refuse***. Princess: igwe what is the problem? *** i was muted ***. You are no more communicating with me as you do, what is the problem. *** i was so angry,the anger that is in me then can boil hot water,so i just kept muted ***.talk to me. *** i still didnt talk***. Is it because of company? Believe me, we are just ordinary friends.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 18, 2016 — 2:38 pm

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