Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 7


A Story written by Officialfestus…

Mrs: sharp sharp: am listening igwe. Me: l was staring at your beauty. You are beautiful.. Mrs sharp sharp: is that why you a were staring at me? Me: yea. Mrs sharp sharp: *** she laughed*** you are funny. *** i smile and continue with what i was doing. Soon,break time came to an end***. Me: please ma,is like the breaktime is over. Mrs sharp sharp: alright,you may go back to your class. Me: ok ma. *** i left her office to my class and met princess with a frowned face. I sat down on my seat ***. Me: princess what is the problem? Why is your face like this? *** she kept quiet ***. Talk to me now,what is it? *** still silent. I decided to ignore her. Some mins later,our government tutor Isaac(corp member) entered our class. As he was teaching,he looked at princess and notice her mood. I was suprise how he look at her in that manner. After teaching,as he was going out,he called princess. Princess look at me and i threw my face aside. She went to him and they both left the class. I felt like crying, I encounter a heavy headache immediately and mathew stared at me, looking at my reaction. I pretended as if all is well but i was burning inside so i had to leave the class to a lonely place. I was thinking how our government tutor started associating with princess. I was so confused in thought on what to do. After the school dismissed,out of anger i had to pack some of my text books and writing note and left without telling princess. As i was going home,i heard my name so i turn back and saw it was princess who called. I ignore and increase my pace, She ran to me and held my one hand***. Princess: igwe why are you angry? *** i didnt utter any word to her ***. What is it? Me: am fine…no problem. Princess: you don’t seem so. Tell me, is it because of our government tutor? *** i look at her ***. Am sure he is the source of your anger. Me: *** soft voice ***. Am not angry. Princess: then why are you ignoring me ? Me: you ignored me first. Princess: me? Me: *** pretending***yes. When i came out of Mrs sharp sharp’s office,you were angry. I tried to know what the problem was but you ignored me. So i have to do the same. Princess: are you jealous? Me: jealous of what? So you tell me,why were you angry when i came out of mrs sharp sharp’s office? Princess: i was jealous. Me: jealous? Funny you. Princess: yea i mean it. So you tell me too,why were you angry when corper Isaac called me out. Me: i was also jealous. Princess: igwe why do we keep on lying to ourselves. Its high time we tell ourselves the truth. Me: what do you mean? Princess:igwe why are you delaying naw. Lets tell ourselves the truth. Me: *** i held her shoulder ***. I have understand how you feel. I love you princess. Am burn inside whenever i see a guy around you. I tried talking but i was scared of rejection. *** i look straight to her eyes***. Princess,what i see in your eyes,is it real or fake? Princess: it’s real igwe.. The thought of seeing you with another girl hurts me. I wish it was easy for me to say it to you,i would have said it a long time. Me: baby am so sorry about all the delays. Princess: no problem sweedy. ***immediately i huged her,i saw corper Isaac coming out of the school

To Be Continued…

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