Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)… Part 8


A Story written by Officialfestus…

* * as i huged her,i saw corper Isaac coming out of our school but princess didn’t see him that moment because of where she turned her face to. I ignored corper Isaac and pretended as if i didn’t see him. Soon,corper Isaac approached us and princess saw him and ignore. We remained in the position we are before. Princess: corper good evening sir. ***he didn’t reply her,he was just standing and staring at us. We paused our hug and princess crossed her hand on my waist and i crossed mine on her neck ***. Me: sir good evening. *** he still didn’t reply me,all he was doing is staring at us. I greeted him the second time. He left without uttering any word to us.***. Me: why is he staring at us? Princess: maybe he is jealous because i can see it in his eyes. Me: did he ask you out? Princess: no he didn’t. Why are you asking? Me: the way,he was staring at us is something else. *** we departed to our various house. The next day in the school,corper Isaac send for me. Why is he calling me? Is it because of what he saw yesterday or what? I summoned courage to go and answer him. On getting to his office,he was busy pressing his phone.*** Me: good afternoon sir. Corper Isaac: how are you? Me: am fine sir. Isaac: have a seat. *** i sat down but am not confortable because he hasn’t summon me in his office before ***. I want you to escort me somewhere,we will be back soon. Me: no problem sir? Isaac: ohk.can we go now? Me: yes sir. *** as we are going,he was asking me some questions,he was asking me,my relationship with princess and how i got to know her,weather she lives close to me. I just manage to answer some questions and ignore some. At a point he entered one mamaput restaurant nearby and i followed him. He sat down and i sat down too***. Isaac: what will you take? Me: no problem sir, am ok. Isaac: you have to take something because of you i came here. So you have to take something. Me: ohk sir. *** he ordered for two plates of rice and coke. I was offered one of plate and coke. We started eating***. Isaac: so tell me about princess. Me:sir nothing much to talk about her. I just knew her the way you do. Isaac: so you don’t know her background. Me: yes sir,she was newly admitted in this school. Isaac: so tell me,are you guys dating? *** i started mulching the food to make sure i finish it before answering his question*** Me:yes,we are dating. Isaac: when did you started dating her? Me: sir i don’t think that question is neccesary for now. Isaac: why? Me: is our privacy. Isaac: i want us to talk man to man. Don’t see me as your teacher but your friend now. Me: alrite. Isaac: have you had s-x with her? *** i was shocked to hear such a thing from his mouth. I looked at him with a suprised eyes ,i finished the remaining food i left on the plate and drank my coke. He was just looking at me and my actions toward his question**

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 19, 2016 — 9:10 pm

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