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Must Read: Tales Of A Houseboy (18+)…


A Story written by Officialfestus…

. I was born in a family of three boys, i am second to last born. I entered into secondary and i was so intelligent that my father plegde to withdraw my senior brother from school inorder for me to further my education because we are not rich like that. My senior brother drop out from school after his JSS 3 exam,by then am in JSS 1. My senior brother was supported by every member of our family to go and learn work in order to help my father to sponsor me and my junior brother. He left to where he was to learn work. I continued with my studies with the help of my parent.if i come back from school i will eat my lunch and went to help my parent in some farm work so because of that my parent love me the more though i am little stubborn then but my parent don’t mind. They do everything i request from them and we keep ongoing. On my SS2,am matured then to associate with girls which i have not been doing. All my friends then in secondary school have 2 to 3 girl friends but i have none because i only focus on my studies to aspire to the zenith. I have four friends then,two of them are corrupt because of how their parent pampers them and poor parental responsibilities toward them,and the less two were intelligent. My corrupt friends keep on pursuading me to have girl friend but i refuse. So one day i went to leo’s house to visit him*** leo is one of my intelligent friend.. His mum is late and his father is a policeman,so his father is not always in the house so he do as it pleases him ***,when i got to his father’s compound and i see no body,i entered straight to his room as usual,on getting to his door,i was hearing some moaning inside his room.. Me: who is he with? Is he f***ching a girl or what? No he can’t because he doesn’t have girl friend. *** the moan is too much so i decided to find out what is happening*** Me: *** i knocked at the door..but is like he is busy because he didn’t ask who so i opened the door because it was not locked and saw Leo and our female classmate called lucy. I was amazed and my mouth were open.. I was looking at both of them as they lied on the bed unclad and lucy is feeling shy.***. I can’t believe my eyes. Leo what am i seeing? Leo: igwe forget that thing. Body no be firewood naw. Work and no play make a jack a dull boy. Me: leo i trust you so much and even you lucy. *** she was mute ***. If someone tells me that you can involve your self in such an act,i wouldn’t believe. Chai!,so this is what both of you have been doing. Lucy: no today is my first time of involving mysef in this act. Me: upon all the whole forming wey you dey form for class na for nothing. Lucy: please don’t tell anybody. Me: about what? Lucy: about what you see here please. Me: says by who? Lucy: please i will do anything for this to be a secret. *** i looked at her p***sy and i have an Attention instantly and she notice that*** lucy: do you like it? Leo: what? Lucy: am not talking to you. Me: *** pretending *** like what? Lucy: common igwe,i know you like it. Stop pretending *** leo was looking at both of us***. You can have me,if you don’t mind…

To Be Continued…

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Posted by on Oct 16, 2016.

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