Must Read: The Abandoned Child… Part 22


Written by Awoleye Dominic…

She paused a while before she said; I was going out with a part 3 student last year, he is in part 4 now, but we are through.
What happened? I asked
He is a womanizer and a cultist too! He has just been made the Capo of the Black Bats Confraternity in my school. I told him I needed to stay clear so as to be free from harm. It is dangerous dating such a guy on campus you know?
Wow! Capone’s girl friend? Yeepa! Mogbe? I exclaimed
And what is that supposed to mean? She asked; you are scared already?
My dear, I said; to say the truth, I would not like to be involved in any issue with a cultist o! I have heard a lot of sordid and nostalgic stories about their capabilities, let alone a Capone!
She laughed until tears came to her eyes
Chai! Onye Yoruba! She exclaimed; you are scared!
Look Choma! You can call it whatever you like, but I am an only child with a complicated and disjointed family back ground. I have gone through so much in life to come and allow one Cultist kill me over a girl on Campus! I said.
Which means you cannot risk your life for me? She asked.
Look! You are adorable, you are sweet, your beauty and mien has captured me, but I am not an idiot! Excuse me for a moment. I said as I got up and dashed to the bar to get a bottle of Gulder the “Ultimate” and a bottle of Heineken the “Chairman” for Chioma. Emeka my Colleague asked me; Omo! How far nah? The Babe don fall?
Old boy! Wahala dey o! I replied; not all that glitter is gold o! I added as I collected the drinks and scurried back to Chioma. I opened both bottles and filled our glasses.
Fear-fear Yoruba man! She teased.
No wahala! I agree. I said
So tell me, she said; which Cult do you belong to in your school?
I am not a Cultist! I snapped
Why are you so defensive? She asked
Defensive of what nah? I am not a secret cult member and will never be! I restated.
Well, she continued; I like Cultiists! I feel protected with them and it is fun rolling out with them  especially when there is peace on campus.
Jeez! I exclaimed. You like Cultists? I asked.
She laughed but the laughter had no effect on me this time around. My Gulder was making me bolder and more reasonable.
Okay , look at it from my point of view, she took a long sip from her glass and gave out a slight belch, the she continued; when I gained admission into the University last year, I had so many toasters coming daily to ask for friendship. Even my room mates and hostel mates became jealous of the array of men that came visiting me in the room that I was warned by the leader of the Black Angels to reduce the influx of men to my room. She later asked me to join their clique if I must continue to do as I please in the hostel.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 23, 2016 — 9:02 pm

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