Written by Awoleye Dominic…

My life was so engaged with people that I almost ran out of school. The black brassier, the white Angels! The black Angels! And the Amazon Confraternities all wanted me to recruit me. On the other hand, different shades of male Cultists wanted to date me. In the second semester when the pressure continued, I had no choice but to give in to Julius popularly called “Major”. He was involved in school politics and an active member of the Black Bats. He happens to be a very charming guy too and he has his ways with the Ladies. My relationship with him scared every other guy from toasting me. Both male and female. Did I tell you that I had female toasters too? She asked
How? I asked.
She laughed; are you that naïve? Stop behaving like a Jew I beg!

To Be Continued…

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