Must Read: The Abandoned Child… Part 24


Written by Awoleye Dominic…

There are lesbians and bisexuals all over the Campus that wanted to sleep with me also!
Jesus! I exclaimed.
Chai! Yoruba boy! She teased; well I like you sha! Your humility and your pure innocence appeals to me!
Please! I said; please don’t like me! I pleaded.
What is that nah? Don’t be a Jew please! She said.
No! no! I want to remain a Jew! I replied.
She laughed out loud and held my hands over the table.
I was tactically pulling my hand from her grip when she gripped it tight and became serious.
Yoruba man! She called.
Bolaji! I replied.
Sorry, Bolaji! Cool down! What is your problem? I have not even told you half of my story and you are scared already! Don’t you like me again? She asked.
No! No! No!  I don’t! I replied. You are dangerous! I said.
She released her grip on my hand and recoiled, she sank into her chair and held her head I her hands, the next thing I realized was that she was sobbing.
Now I was more confused because I was looking for an opportunity to leave her but for her spontaneous change of character, I could not fathom.
What is the problem Chioma? Why are you crying? The more I asked, the louder she cried. In order not to create a scene in the Bar, I pulled her up and led her upstairs to one of the rooms I had access to the key. She followed me quietly.
As I closed and locked the door behind us, she started to wail, and as she cried, she told me her story.

To Be Continued…

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