Must Read: The Abandoned Child… Part 25

A Story Written By Dominic Awoleye…
She is a product of a broken home, her father had run away with an Edo woman leaving her mother with herself and her kid brother when she was just seven years old in primary 3 in Benin City where she and her brother were born. The father was a staff of Chevron Oil Company and was sent on internationalization to the Middle East. He absconded with her mother’s closest friend who happens to be her class teacher. Auntie Osas!

Three years later, her mother relocated to the east, Enugu, she got a job as a secondary school teacher at Trans Ekulu Girls secondary school Enugu. She later became the mistress of an Enugu based millionaire who built a bungalow for her and took over the responsibilities of her elusive husband.

When she was seventeen and awaiting the result of her JAMB examination, she took a part time job as the secretary to the mother’s man friend.
She lost her virginity to him inside his office, on his desk. He had made her drink some whiskey while waiting for the rain to subside after the close of work on a Friday evening. He gave her some money the next day and made her promise not to tell her mother.

It became a regular affair as he took her along on all his travels, exposing her to people and places of importance both home and abroad. She had all the good things of life plus a very fat bank account.
Things changed when her mother was arrested at the Murtala Mohammed international airport for drug trafficking by the NDLEA. Her sponsor was her millionaire Man- friend and he was subsequently arrested. Both were sentenced to forty years jail term and are currently serving.

 She had to re sit for JAMB examination as she did not follow up on her admission two years before her involvement with her mother’s man. She had a lot of money saved in her bank and she could take care of herself and her younger one.
When she gained admission into IMSU, she faced a lot of challenges before finally settling down for Major simply because she wanted protection.
Please don’t hate me! Don’t be scared of me! Is it because I told you the truth? She asked. I never knew you before today but I felt as if I have known you for ages that was why I spoke freely with you. I felt I could confide in you that was why I told you about Major not because I am proud to be dating him. I have never being in love, people have been taking advantage of me and I had no choice than to turn such opportunities to my advantage too. I am not a bad person, though I have been spoilt and pampered with money. I drink, I smoke, I go clubbing but I can change! I promise you, I can change! 

She clung tightly to me as she buried her face in my chest crying. I held her close for comfort and kept patting her back and encouraging her that all was well. She slept in my arms that night. I could not sleep. I was torn between two worlds! Confusion and fear!
For me, I have no father and my mother was somewhere in Lagos prostituting. I am in school by my own effort and here is a girl I just met and fell for. Her father had run away and her mother is in jail. She is in school by her own effort too. I thought like terms they say repels while unlike terms attracts. The two of us should not be together!
As I looked at her face as she slept soundly with tear stained face, I felt pity for her, I imagined the frankness and openness with which she spoke and I said to myself ;  here is another victim of circumstances  that have adapted her circumstance to her own favour! Here is another survivor! And I resolved to be with her, with hope that she will change for good. 

I picked up a textbook and began to read. I did not go back to duty.
Early in the morning I woke her up with a kiss on her lips, she opened her eyes and saw me, she yawned and called my name and smiled, then we kissed some more, I was inexperienced, she was experienced. She felt for my hardness and held on to it. I was on fire! Relax! She said; just relax! I am not running away, try to be calm! Breathe in and out, breathe normally, she said; I tried to breathe normally but I could not. I was breathing like a leaking hose. 

She sat up and removed her clothes slowly, all of it! I almost had a heart attack. I had never been so close to a Unclad woman let alone in the same bed.

I hurriedly took off my clothes too, I had problems removing my boxers but I eventually did with her help. I happen to be heavily endowed down there and she was shocked at the size and thickness of my hardness as she held it in both hands. She took my hands to her bosom; play with me! She said. 

I remembered some erotic movies I had seen. I know what to do.

After a while, she stopped me, she pushed my head up from her bosom and she asked; Bolaji! You have heard my story, are you going to be there for me or you are just going to take advantage of me?

What a question at such critical moment? What was she expecting me to say? I love you! Was all I could mutter as I dug my head back to business.

Are you sure? She asked; yes! Yes! I replied as I kissed her all over. I love you too! She replied; I have never told anyone that, she said. She then spread out and guided me into her, she held her breathe as I slowly pushed into her inch by inch until I was fully buried inside her. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me closer, then she whispered into my ear; you are so big! I love you. 

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 26, 2016 — 3:02 pm

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