Must Read: The Abandoned Child… Part 27

A Story Written By Awoleye Dominic… 

My relationship with Chioma blossomed with time and when I returned to school for my final year programme, we were well known together. DJ Slam introduced me to her Cultist boyfriend and we became friends although the guy thought I belong to the same confraternity with Slam. In fact people were suspicious of my relationship with DJ Slam outside the hotel that we worked.
DJ Slam happened to be an all round bad guy in the City of Owerri. He was into partisan politics as he organizes thugs and body guards for politicians during campaigns, they indulge in stealing ballot boxes and eliminating rivals of their sponsors by any means. He was also a pimp. He organizes Campus babes for the politicians and he gets his cuts from the girls. He called his political godfathers his “Chairmen”. The Campus girls that indulge in “runs” hail Slam whenever they run into him any where, “Slam o! Slam o! You hear them hail while he raises his hands up in acknowledgement, “yes o! Yes o! He replies them. 
Slam was also the conduit between many students who want to bribe any Lecturer to inflate their examination scores. He also knows people in the exams and records department that could make a students file disappear for ever and to cap it all, he was the number two man of the Neo black axe movement. When ever I am with him, I have mixed feelings, sometimes I feel tough with him, some times I get jittery and scared. 

While on Campus, Slam is a wild creature but when he is on the wheel of steel mixing sounds as a DJ he is very amiable. He was also called the cat with the nine lives having being a staunch member of the black axe from his year one till date, he had escaped many attempts on his life by rival cult sects and rival political thugs. The strongest weapon he has was his ears! He is well informed. His allies, his girls, his fellow cultist, the call girls at the hotel all inform him of what goes on in Owerri and beyond. A lot of people tell him things in whispers and he always disappears and reappears when he is in school, his movements are never predictable. He changes his mind on decisions taken at the last minute without apologies to inconveniences to others.
It was Slam himself that convinced Chioma that I was still a Jew man and not a cultist when my friendship with him so close and people had started to talk.

The truth is that I would have willingly joined the black axe if Slam had insisted because I was so much involved with the group that I even attend their parties but Slam had other use for me. He was also an engineering student and I did all his home works, assignments and examinations for him while I enjoyed his protection. We were in different schools though but we were all in the city of Owerri.
To Be Continued… 

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Updated: Dec 27, 2016 — 3:55 pm

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