Must Read: The Abandoned Child… Part 52

A Story Written By Awoleye Dominic… 

That was even some years back before the thing came back into her bones! Do we cut of her bones too? She is destined to die by this Cancer I must admit! Baba said. Your mother is not as terrible as portrayed by the Villagers here! She was simply looking for the Golden Fleece that the Village does not have to offer. Many people ran to the City in pursuit of greener pasture, some made it and some did not! Your mother belonged to the later.


Tuned and one of his friends returned with buckets of drinks and every one present had something to drink before dispersing to their homes. I gulped down a chilled bottle of my ultimate beer, gave out a large belch and dropped the empty bottle on the floor before opening the second bottle.

You and this Gulder sha! Akin said

My brother! It is the Ultimate of beers o!

I was by her bed side when she woke up the next evening; we stared at each other for about three minutes before I broke the silence.


I don’t know what to call you! I said

Who are you? She asked with a raspy weak voice

You tell me! I said

I should tell you? She asked as she squinted her face trying to figure me out

Ha! My God! They said you were dead! She said. Have you come to take me with you?

I did not die! I am alive! I came back home two days ago! I came here yesterday morning but you have been asleep until now! I said without emotions.

Mobolaji! She called

Yes? I answered

I am your mother!

Of course I know! I snapped

I have struggled through life trying to do things my own way without success! She said

By being a LovePeddler abi? By giving me a bad name! Do you know what I have been through in life? I started fending for my self as long as I started walking. I grew up being ridiculed as a bastard in the village. I ate from the refuse; I struggled with dogs at the butchers slap for pieces of bones! I started hunting at five! All by myself! No father! No mother for me to emulate! I was a burden too big for grandma because she could barely take care of herself! Your mother died in this house and I did not know for three days! I was sleeping in the same house with her corpse thinking she was asleep! I took desperate risks in life that a guided Child would not take! The fact that I am alive today is a miracle! I was killed! It was just God that still has a use of me that is why he brought me back alive! Look at me! Look at my body!

Tears filled her eyes as I ranted on. Baba came in and pulled me out of the room, I was crying and yelling on top of my voice, my mother was crying too.


To Be Continued… 

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