A Story Written By Zed Agubata…
Ngozi mewled in excitement as her mouth covered his throbbing wand…she proceeded to suck him like she had never done before.

It was such a thrill to her having her aunt and her son in the room at the same damn time and mouthing his big cxck to her amazement.

Mrs enema lowered her head to his balls and began licking them, she cupped them in her hands and gobbled them in her mouth…

“Mmm dis ngozi gurl dun tey for this thing o” she said in her mind as she proceeded to kiss up her son’s long cxck while it was being sucked by her niece….she could see ngozi’s eyes were closed in the euphoria of cxck sucking, Mrs enema was up to something mischevious….she slowly kissed and licked up the shaft, unsure of ngozi’s reaction, she moved her mouth slowly till their faces met on obinna’s meat….mmmmmm….she reached out with her tongue and stroked it alover ngozi’s pouting lips….

Ngozi was surprised and jerked suddenly. She never expected it! She opened her eyes to see her aunt’s tongue dancing alover her mouth, her aunt’s hand went behind her head as she pulled nzogi’s mouth further onto her son’s big dxck and they sucked it together….

She took it out of ngozi’s mouth and covered the meat with hers, she spread his legs further apart so there was space for both love damsels to suck him.like never before.

She reached up his chest and stroked and tweaked his Tips, rubbing her other hand alover his abdomen as she n ngozi kept milking her stud son….

She rubbed her hand alover ngozi’s back then, slowly squeezed her buttxcks, gliding alover the young girl’s shape till her fingers rested between the two butt globes….nzogi was squirming now with obinna’s dxck still in her mouth, her aunts fingers on her axxhole was giving her shivers….

Mrs enema slid her hand further till it passed the bridge between ngozi’s butthole and puxcy and rested it on the young gurl’z Kittycat,

Ngozi was already wet and dripping, she arched her back, throwing her juicy butt farther apart…without warning her aunt’s slender fingers thrust up her gushing Arrow to the knuckle!

Oooaaahhh she muffled on obinnna’s cxck…

Mrs enema pulled her finger out and again without warning thrust it up the young girl’s Arrow, she was almost tearing her Kittycat walls,…ngozi writhed further and clamped on obiinna’s prxck meat with her mouth, careful not to bite it with her teeth…

Her aunt was fingering her badly now and she was well wet….

Mrs enema moved to behind ngozi so she could be in a better position to drill the young girl’s smarting pusxy…..she pulled her waist up from her squating position into a crawling position with her knees on the floor,….

She rubbed her hands alover nzogi’s butt as she dropped her lips to them while still fingering her,

She licked all around the globes and……

Slapped her tongue on her butthole!

She fingered her harder now, desperate to bring forth the girl’s juices….

Ngozi almost screamed in utter surprise, she had never tried that! It was soo disgusting! How could…..? But ohhh it was getting sweeter feeling the face between her bum and the finger in her wetting hole….

Obinna who had been a spectator since, understood what had just happened, he had also experienced it before from his mom, during their numerous romps but he was determined not to Pour just yet, he grabbed ngozi’s face and began to lift his waist off the bed, feeding his meat into her mouth, pounding it like a puxcy, he wanted to get into her throat!, he held her head tight as his mom workd the girl’s rear end, he pushed further slowly working inch after inch into the throat! Ooaaaaghhhh she had taken just about half of his cxck, he wanted to make sure she swallowed him complete like their househelp often did….he shuddered at the thought of his prick bouncing jouyously in the throat of a female…..then he remembered Sarah….
That fateful day, he was at home, he had a throbbing attention but his mom was too busy preparing to leave for one of her numerous meetings, the househelp was gone and uloma too had gone out….

Nepa was at their normal vice, no light and he was just too tired to get outside and put on the mikano generator….

His hard on was more of a problem right now, the thought of pacing the compound with a raging pole thrilled him because their neighbor would have gone out but their children will.still.be home….especially their.daughters…..

Most times when neighbors’ families visited.them obinna was busy counting the soon ripening fruits calling him “uncle”..it burned his loins to have a sweet tender voice calling him.”uncle” while he burrowed her young puxcy with his burgeoning meat….oooahhhh….

He was crazed now….he jumped to.the door and without putting on his slippers he paced the compound watching the the neighboring windows for any signs of females….the two next door neighbors only had daughters….and this was 12 noon so.their parents must be out, the schools were also on short break, perfect….

He kept pacing, taking his time to attract possible attention now, he walked ever soo slowly to the generator house…..hoping he found a hole to bury his meat this hot afternoon….he was close now still no.show, he was getting disappointed, but no! If.it took going to those houses to knock with his tent pole protruding from his boxers right now he would! But that was top desperate….

He reached the Gen house, disappointly and turned the key and it came to life…

He sighed and turns to go back into the house, then there was a knock on the gate….

To Be Continued…

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