Must Read: The Benson Family (18+)… Part 47

A Story Written By Zed Agubata….
previous times her car had developed faults he had been the one overseeing the repairs….
“phew” she sighed….

“err ok, soo….”

She dipped her hand into her clutchbag and whipped out a few 500 naira notes, she counted them….they were eight in number; she didn’t like moving around with too much raw cash…
She handed it to the mechanic, 
“oga na four thousand dey here, any atm close to this place? So I can withdraw and bring it?, or maybe when I am coming back I will stop here…”
“nooo madam we no dey do like dat o, naso one oga do me till today I never see im brake light na Lagos we dey oh…”
“hmmm, ok so can you come along with me to the atm if its close by?”
“err madam bank dey down down but no be me go follow you… Titus!!!”
Titus jumped out again to answer his oga,
When Philo looked at him, his face dropped staring at his toes..
“come hia make you follow this madam go atm go collect my balance…”
“ok sir”
He ran off again,
“where you dey go?”
“I wan go change sir”
“change for…” He paused mid-sentence….”ok” he breathed…
In some seconds Titus was out again this time in a casual blue polo and blue jeans…

He crossed his right hand on his left shoulder to cover the spot where the polo was torn….but not before Philo noticed it…. She started pitying the boy alover again…..he was neat in his day clothes in contrast to the very dirty navy blue jumpsuit he was putting on previously….

She felt a sting in her heart seeing him try his best to cover the torn spot…
“why you dey waka like that? His oga barked.

“everytime you go cross hand for shoulder like who Dem swear for, shuiu, na wa o….just follow this madam collect my money come back straight! Wetin i talk?”
“come back straight sir” 
“hmmm I talk am now o, make you no from there enta nairabet o, or loss the money make I no loss you for this Lagos”
“yes sir”…
Philo almost chuckled at the drama but couldn’t afford to display herself in the street like that….

She got in the car, unlocked the front seat passenger door and he got in…
She turned the steering right and rerved into the road….the car was hot….she wound down the front windows….

They had actually gone on for a while without talking….she was just observing him with side glances….he kept an uptight shoulder asif to scamper from the car at the drop of a hat…..
“seatbelt” she reminded him….and watched him neatly buckle himself in…
His fingers rubbed on each other in a nervous way…
She did not expect him to say anything…afterall she was old enough to be his mother….
Oh yes….she wondered if he could hav been her son….she looked at his features again….he just needed to be brushed up….he had a good build for a growing teen….she looked at his facial features….wondering what it would be like when he smiled….or laughed…. She wanted to see it…..
She wondered how it would hav been having a son like him….maybe….who knows…..he could’ve……he could’ve satisfied her in so many ways especially when no one was home….
Her eyes went to his crotch….it betrayed nothing….
But she was getting wet every minute thinking of him Unclad and lunging his swollen prickmeat into her yearning Well….or that of her daughters…..

She began thinking of Nneka being soo widely spread while he pummeled her young Kittycat to submission….

She imagined fvcking him while idigo was fxcking nneka….
She squeezed her thighs together in the drivers seat, her toes curled up on the accelerator…

Her pvssy mound pulsated with her heartbeat….she imagined her fat Buttocks slamming on his slender thighs as she rode his dxck…

She squeezed her thighs together again….

She shivered….her spine quivered sending shockwaves through out her whole body….
She began subconsciously spreading her milky thighs…..her left leg was free… She angled it almost hitting her knees on the car door…

She observed him with a glance…he didn’t seem to notice….
Then she found the courage….


To Be Continued….

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Updated: Feb 8, 2017 — 8:37 pm

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