A Story Written By Zed Agubata… 
It was unmistakably their fair complexioned female class monitor, joy! What was she doing bending over holding a tree stump, with her pants off and a man…
wait their maths teacher?! Their maths teacher Mr Alex!
He was standing with his trousers on and zip open. A thick rod was stretched out infront of him, he was moving his waist back and forth with his eyes almost closed. Squeezing joy’s buttocks and ramming himself all the way in with short pelvis-jarring strokes.
His groin area was well wet! Joy held the tree stump desperately while her big maths teacher reamed her young Kittycat.
Young Philomena stared in disbelief, mouth agape as Mr Alex held joys’s pant which he had actually torn in his left hand and held her waist with his right as he fvcked and banged the poor gurl who was giving him ecstatic sounds.
This same joy that her father was a well respected church elder in the community?! Ahhhh!!

Philomena was awestruck but thought not to disturb them as she silently withdrew but as she made to withdraw her gaze caught Mr Alex’s own!

“oh my god” was all Mr Alex could muster.
He thought young Philomena would raise an alarm.
He started begging
“please philomena dont shout please I can explain”
She had other plans anyway….
She scaled the window neat and landed on the ground wit her sandals
“sir I want to watch” 
“what? You want to what”
“I say I want to watch”
“oh lord I am dead”
“I said I want to watch”
“what is this world turning into?”
“continue sir me I will watch o”

His slowly deflating joystick began to swell again in joy’s cvnt!
he was thinking very rapidly now. Was this a set up or was she for real? His meat was meant to be deflating but the thought was making him even harder!

“are you sure you want to watch?”
“ok, but promise you won’t tell anybody”
“I will not”

All this while joy had said nothing she was simply too awestruck at being caught, she hadn’t recovered from the shock! She was frozen, wide-eyed watching both of them she couldn’t even believe what she was hearing…before she could raise a resistance. Mr Alex slammed his Joystick into her young womb again!
Pounding her now with a new motivation, he was determined to give a young Mrs Benson a very sweet show and possibly bang her too after the show!
He smiled at Philomena.

Mr Alex had a wife at home but oooaaah 
Jaja Government school gurls…It always made him hard seeing them in their uniforms with their shaved heads. There was just something so sweet about squeezing the young supple buttocks of a 15yr old, heck even a 12 year old! The sweetness of their lips when he kissed them and the tightness of their lips around his big shaft when he fvcked them in the mouth! The way they called him “uncle” made his manhood turgid from all angles, he loved giving them his sugarcane! Rubbing their sweet lowcut heads while he pounded their barely hairy cvnts! Heck some of them even spread their thighs for him while he was teaching and he would ask any he wants for the day to come to his office after closing for the day…but his favourite was joy! Joy had such sweet Kittycat to make a grown man cry! The contrast of her pvssy colour to his dark skin! Her Kittycat lips were sooo plump and juicy! He had laid her on the table in one of the hideous classrooms and eaten the sauce out of her pvssy! He spread her legs soo wide and loved the way she called him “uncle” while his tongue worked wonders in her young “Kittycat”. That day he climbed on the desk, pulled his manhood out of his zip and plundered her Kittycat badly, her pounded her soupy cvnt so deep he could swear he felt her cervix! The table creaked and creaked and creaked, while he wantonly fed her his giant meat! He was just a 7inch man but the gurls were young and that made his Joystick seem huge! He also loved the thrill of thinking about the parents of the girl while was pounding them! ‘stupid parents don’t know I am here enjoying my daily Kittycat meal’ he would think while the gurl was squealing beneath him. He furiously fvcked the gurl if her father seemed disrespectful or pompous to him. Only a few gurls had refused his advances but he had never tried the young philomena. Today was likely to be his day! As he pounded away at joy, Philomena was surprised she wasn’t dead from the sheer force he was using to pound her fair class monitor’s Kittycat!
Mr Alex pounded her deeply then he pulled out and lifted her to the wall, pulled his trousers to his ankle, hoping to give philomena a view of his strong hairy buttock muscles pounding at her class monitor’s Kittycat!
He absolutely loved the thought of fvcking the Queen of the class! The girl whom the whole class trembled at her voice was right here beneath the whiplash of his strong pr!ckmeat at the watch of one of her classmates! It thrilled him! 
Oohhh he was about to Pour!
Ohhh he pulled out of the moistly sweet young tight Kittycat and pushed joy down on her knees and stuck his fat pr!ck into her tiny mouth and began pounding.
Joy had learnt to take her teacher’s big black slab of meat after so many attempts so she just flexed her mouth and prepared her throat for his sweet thick Pour!

Mr Alex gleefully stuck his d!ck in her mouth, happy to see it coated in saliva as it came out of the pretty girl’s mouth. He held her head, determined to give philomena a good look, pulled his shirt up to his neck and trapped it there with his jaw. He proceeded to lay his fat pr!ck in slowly till it hit the back of joy’s throat, and happy to look down on her young face he began feeding his pr!ck deep into her throat! He had learnt this from watching blue films and always tried it out on these school gurls…ooohhh it was soo sweet, so sweet fvcking this silly girl’s mouth! This same mouth that always reports her classmates for bad behaviour, right here swallowing my prick! And to think she thinks i love her! Oh foolish young vaginas! 

he was almost Cuming, his balls were swelling, joy brought up her hands to caress them as he had taught her to do when he was about to Pour!
He was tempted to pour his prickly milk down the gurl’s wide waiting throat but he wanted Philomena to see “ooooaaahhh” he quickly pulled his meat out and out came gushing his milk! Philomena’s eyes flew wide in surprise, she had neve seen it coming she had heard her classmates giggle during their reproduction class but she never exactly knew why or cared to find out.

“oooooaaahhh” “ooooaaaahhh”
Mr Alex coated joy’s face with his man-milk, he felt absolutely thrilled to have his milk alover her face with philomena watching mouth agape! 

He was exhausted and convinced he had given philomena a good reason to surrender her young Kittycat when he eventually offers his meat for the thrill of lifetime. 
He promptly proceeded to pull up his briefs and trousers, tucked his shirt back in and buckled up his belt properly. Still hoping philomena will tell no one.

“I can make you a woman only if you will agree, see joy here she s enjoying it, you can enjoy it too am I right joy?”

“yessir its soo sweet” joy replied licking his milk from her face and the corners of he mouth….

“see you tomorrow” he said to the two girls and found his way through a narrow bush path and disappeared. 

Ever since that day Philomena had been curious to get her own experience and had it not been for the abrupt marriage to Mr Benson a few months later she would have.

To Be Continued…

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