Must Read: The Brothel… Part 48

The state teaching hospital didn’t help matters as my symptoms persisted.
At a point they requested that I run series of tests including HIV but I absconded knowing fully well that I had exposed myself a lot and could test positive which would spell doom for my job with the military.

I was still on sick leave and my assistant temporarily took charge of my office and duties.

This increased my desperation to get well and healthy as before so I decided to try my luck with herbal medicine and went to their outlet for diagnosis and treatment.

They diagnosed staphylococcus and gave me a herbal drug which according to them will cleanse my system and have me excrete all the impurities through urine.

The drug cost a little over N50,000 and I paid immediately without grudges.
I was losing weight at an alarming rate with fever and diarrhoea so all that mattered to me was to get well and go back to my duty post.

So I took the herbal drugs for more than two weeks but there was no improvement.

The sick leave the military gave me soon expired but I wasn’t yet fit to return to work so they extended it.

The senator’s wife called me one monday evening but I watched it ring to the end without picking.

She called again and again and on the 4th trial I decided to pick.

“Hello,” I replied on picking.

“Hello baby,” she replied. “How you?”

“I’m fine,” I lied. “And you?”

She kept silent for sometime before replying.

“Baby your hobby is dying,” she informed throwing me off balance.

“Dying how?” I asked with fear.

“Baby I’ve been sick all these while,” she replied. “And I can’t tell what the sickness is.”

I kept mute for some seconds completely taken aback. Then I hung the call.

The call from the senator’s wife spelled more doom for me and increased my anxiety.

And if that was the case, then the game was up for the both of us which was more reason why I refused to go for test.
The military soon became disturbed and impatient with my protracting illness and soon had me brought to the military hospital for expert management.

It was there that the truth started revealing itself…

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Updated: Mar 4, 2018 — 11:28 pm

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