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17:00 hours, March 18th 1987, somewhere in Odukpani, some 30km from the city of Calabar, heavily pregnant Imabong lay on a mat outside her grandmother’s building. The baby was due any moment from now and thank goodness her ever loving grandmother was there to take care of her.
Having been disown and driven out of her father’s house in the city of Calabar (for getting pregnant out of wedlock), she had and knew no where else to go to but back to her paternal grandparents house. Though disappointed, her grandmother had welcomed her with opened arms, cleaning her tears after she entered the compound with a sack bag containing the few clothes her parents had spared her.
She felt the baby kick and she ran a hand through her stomach reassuring herself that her grandmother was the community’s local midwife, who had a record of about 89 (or was it 99) safe deliveries to her name. No death of either mother or child in all the cases. Which had made her the most sort after local midwife.
Speaking her local dialect to the baby as she ran her hand over her tummy, she said “don’t worry my love, Mma (which was the name the community called her grandmother) is here to bring you to the world. She brought me to this world, can you imagine that? She’s going to bring you out of me too. Isn’t that sweet?” she felt the baby kick again and she laughed out loudly to herself saying “hey relax, great-grand would bring you out successfully and then put you in my arms”
From inside the smoke filled kitchen, Mma had been watching Imabong talk to herself as she ran her hand through her stomach. From her many years as a midwife who had supervised 99 safe deliveries (15 twins and 6 triplets inclusive), she knew her 19 years old granddaughter was about to go into labour unknown to the young girl herself. “Poor thing” she said to herself, remembering how with no money on her, the poor girl had walked the distance from Calabar to Odukpani.
Despite the loneliness of the road and the risk involved, the girl had braved the distance. She was indeed her son’s daughter, built tough and strong headed. Despite all her plea, her son had refused to take the girl back simply because according to him “she made me lose my position as elder in the church”.. “Mtchwww” she hissed wondering what that meant. While she is a Catholic, her son and his family are Presbyterian.
But for the first time in her lifetime as a midwife, there was this high level of uncertainty hanging in the air. She feared if this particular delivery would be successful. She stirred the soup on the fire for the last time before putting it down. After which she cleaned her eyes which were now failing her with the back of her hands, before returning the black kettle back on the fire.

As Ima lay running her hand on her stomach, she began to remember the event that happened the night she got pregnant. She smiled as the memories of what she had done ran through her head. She thought about the love of her life, the father of her baby who the last time she heard from,him was just a day before she discovered she was pregnant after the mail man had given her his later. She had already lost her virginity to him, but each time they fvcked, when he was about to Pour, he would pull out and Pour on her belle, Buttocks or floor. She had always wanted to feel that fluid emptied inside her. Though she didn’t tell her friends she had lost her virginity, she always enjoyed their discussion and how they described what they felt when their boyfriends came inside their young pvssies.
Her clitöris never stopped itching and only her boyfriend’s Joystick could satisfy the itch, which was always for the time being. But each time he rammed his long Joystick inside her when they fvcked, he always refused to Pour inside her not until that particular night. She smiled as she remembered how it all went down.
It had been a month since she finished her writing her WASSCE in FGGC Calabar. It had been a month of non-stop fvcking ever since she lost her virginity to him as soon as she got back home from school. Her parents who were one of her local church’s most respected elder couple had gone for a zonal church retreat somewhere in Calabar south and wouldn’t be back until the following evening. She had been hörny all day as her clitöris kept itching. As a matter of fact, that was her third panties she had on after changing the wet ones. Her immediate younger brother who was a boarding student in Hope Waddell college was still in school. And her last sibling who was just 7 years old was somewhere playing in the neighborhood.

To Be Continued… 

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