Must Read: The Cartel (18+)… Part 19

A Story Written By Nitefury…
Jade had just finished her morning lectures and was on her way downstairs when someone called her name in a too familiar way “Jane Dukes”. She turned and was surprised to see it was no one else than Vivian. 
“Vivian Abang…. Hi.. It’s Duke not Dukes” she responded faking a smile. The last time they spoke to each other was two years ago during which time she broke vibangs nose which Vivian promising vengeance.
“Hi Jade, good to see you” vibangs replied smiling “Not familiar with your faculty building, was actually here to search for you” she added
“Really? So to what do I owe this strange visit? I’m I safe?” she asked suspiciously 
“Of course you are… Now come on Jade, stop giving me that suspicious look you always do. We’ve left FGGC….” she said laughingly as she lightly punched Jade on the shoulder 
“But you’re still Vivian Abang..” she also laughingly reminded her in a way that suggested she meant vibangs still don’t like her..
“A new person Jade.. I’m sorry I’ve always been a Dam to you Jade… Lets say my hormones had a better part of me then… So where are you headed?”
“To meet Vicky… But I’m not convinced you came here to ask me where I was going Vivi” she said as they both walked downstairs 
“Vivi?” she repeated, surprised Jade still remembered how everyone called her back in primary school. “so you still remember my pet name.. Almost forgotten the name my self.. Even dad and mom call me vibangs now.” she said happily 
“Good for you I guess.. So what’s up Vibangs?” she stressed the name in a tone that suggested mockery.
“You’re not serious Jade.. Actually, I met with some other ex girls from secondary school and we suggested since a lot of us are here in Unical, why don’t we form an Alumni or some shïi like that.. Talked to a few girls and we’ve been trying to pass the message around. Considering you were our head girl, I felt your presence would send a strong message you know.. Coupled with your ability to hold the girls together and shii like that you know..” she said as they walked towards the Ice cream stand.
“Methinks something like that already exists.. I mean, the Alumni stuff?” she asked in a way that suggested she was interested.
“I not sure.. Most of the ex student, especially our seniors are still forming for the juniors.. The girls I spoke with thought of something like a unifying group to help and look out for ourselves in what ever capacity we can here in unical and beyond you know..” she said 
“Two cups please” Jade said to the Ice cream guy before turning to face vibangs. “So what’s the plan? How do you guys plan on going about the whole thing” she asked as ahe received the ice cream from the guy and gave vibangs a cup.
“Thanks” she said as she collected the cup from Jade. After a spoonful of the ice cream she said “That’s why I was looking for you so we can share ideas with the rest of the girls. At least we should be able to have a plan before approaching others.” 
“So how many people have indicated interest so far?” 
“About 10. Though most of them would invite other girls too. We agreed to meet on Friday” she said as she helped herself to her ice cream. “I expect you to come with Vicky too” she added
“Aii.. No sweats. I tell her about it.” 
“Ok. Lemme get your number so I can get across any other info to you” 
“See your life vivi, so you don’t even have my number? I haven’t changed my number since I got my first phone. Perhaps if you bothered calling me you would have known I still use the same number” she replied, mocking ViBangs 
“Don’t mind me.. After I lost my second phone, I didn’t bother about retrieving the line or my contacts..” she said truthfully. 
“ok, dialing it now”
*phone rings* “080vibangs” Jade read out the numbers displayed on her phone screen 
“yea.. That’s phone my number” vibangs confirmed 
“Ok. Saving it” she said as she added the phone number to her phone book 
Then they were both quiet for about two minutes before vibangs finally spoke.
“You know Jade.. I’ve never really been nice to you in the past. Overtime thinking about how bitchy I’ve been towards you. I just feel ashamed of myself. I just want to use this opportunity to formally beg for your forgiveness. I’m very sorry for all the wrong and pain I caused you in the past. Please forgive me. You’re a very nice person but that’s a fact I found it hard to come to terms with. I guess childishness had a better part of me then. I’m sorry Jane” she said 
Although Jane never saw vibangs as an enemy with vibangs being more of a frenemy, she never really had any grudge against her. So it was surprising to hear Vivian apologizing for the past.
“Hey.. Don’t even go there vivi. Its all in the past. Besides, there’s nothing to forgive cos you never wronged me. And I hold nothing against you. Please lets just leave everything in the past there, ok?. She said as she rubbed vibangs hands
“Thanks dear.. Always wondered when I’ll get to have a friendly chat with you again.
They went on to chat about nothing in particular until Vicky came to join them and they all went their way. 

Vicky on the way home asked her what she was doing with her sworn enemy. She told her all what vibangs said and her apology too.
“Just be careful Jade. I still don’t trust that girl. The stories about her ain’t pleasing to the ears. After two years, she just came seeking forgiveness like that? Same girl that swore to get back at you when you broke her nose. Be careful o.. We’re talking Vivian Abang here o” Vicky said to her
“Hahaha… Don’t worry. I’ll still give her the space” she laughingly answered her best friend.
Victoria and her have been friends right from Jss1 and had maintained that friendship till date. Although not as beautiful, intelligent (academically) or from a rich home as she or Vibangs, the girl had always remained loyal. Both of them shared the same apartment in her off campus residence. 
A student of Microbiology, she had always wanted to study Medicine and Surgery. But her cut of mark in her second Jamb examination, denied her the chance. Hence she settled for MCB. 

As she drove out of the campus in her Mazda 3 hatchback ride, she knew her plans were falling into place. Picking up her phone, she called some ex students to meet her at her residence.

To Be Continued…

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