Must Read: The Cartel (18+)… Part 20

A Story Written By Nitefury…


The last thing she remembered was a car approaching behind them with dangerous speed for that small lane. They had both jumped to the side to make way for the deranged driver but the next thing they heard was the sound of screeching tires, followed by Vicky screaming “Jade run” as the car doors opened and two strong hands grabbing her hand as she was about to run. Vicky who was on the other side had screamed took off which was followed by two gun shots “pow pow”
She had struggled, kicking one of her captors in the groin and was just about to do the same to her other captor when she felt the needle enter her hand as she immediately lost all her strength. The kick she was about to deliver carried no weight more than a bird’s feather. She was immediately shoved towards the car, as her hands were being taped behind her. 
Though weak in her knees, she still attempted to scream but a hand was quickly placed over her lips as she sensed her captor breathing into her ear saying calmly, “If you behave yourself, you’ll be unharmed young lady”. 
As he took off his hand, her mouth was then tapped. At this point, she felt her body being pushed into the car. This was followed by someone sitting next to her and the door being banged shut. The next thing was the driver zooming off. As the car moved, she could only perceive the smell of strong alcohol and hemp. With what ever that had been injected into her taking its toll even though her body fought to stay awake, she finally slept off.
She must have slept for hours she thought when she woke up realizing she was still in a moving vehicle, only this time she was lying on the floor. Every where was pitch dark and it only took her a few seconds to realize she was in the trunk of a car and was still immobilized. 
Wondering where she was being taken to and where Vicky was, whether she escaped, she slept back off in the stuffy trunk.
She woke up few minutes later and realized the car had stopped and voices could be heard outside. Then she head the sound indicating the car trunk had been opened. She lay still pretending to be asleep
“Take off her hood” she heard a familiar voice instruct 
Seconds later the hood was removed and she felt torch light beams on her face.
“You, replace her hood… What’s exactly happened to the other girl Rosko?” the female voice commanded 
“Mi Lady, she got away before I could catch her, so I fired her as you said none should get away” the deep but obviously young male voice said
“You do realize you just cost me money. Not letting anyone get away meant catching both at all cost and not killing them” the angered female said
“Mi Lady I’m sorry” the voice apologized 
“Alright, take her inside to join the rest. They all leave tonight. Give all of them the proper dosage. You don’t want them waking up and ruining the trip” 
Thank goodness her mouth was tapped because she almost screamed at the thought of Vicky being dead. 
Minutes later she felt two hand grab her pulling her out of the car trunk. She was then dragged into a building as she felt the cold concrete under her feet. Somehow she prayed people might have seen them and inform the police, just as she prayed for a miracle to happen to Vicky as she was being led into the house.
Beside the voice that had told her to act accordingly, no one had spoken to her ever since this nightmare began. 
When a door opened, she heard voices of other girls crying and begging to be freed as ahe was placed on the floor. Her mask was removed and the tape in her mouth removed. 
She didn’t cry as she lay bound hands behind on the floor. So “Vivian Abang was the infamous unknown Mi Lady being gossiped about in campus. “ViBangs actually killed her friend and plans to sell her too” she began to cry silently for not heeding Vicky’s warning and also at the realization of what was to be her faith”
With the way Mi Lady and the Greenhorns crew in campus had been painted to be some demonic syndicates, she had felt it was one of those fictional characters used to keep new (female) students in check about not misbehaving in campus by attending night parties and all. Well she wasn’t a party girl and felt the warning wasn’t for her. So she never gave the story a second thought. 
But who would have told her Vivian Abang graduated from mean Vibangs to infamous demonic Mi Lady just two years in the university. The girl must be a demon. The tears kept flowing as she sobbed quietly as she thought about how only on Monday Vivian had come asking for forgiveness and all. So she had always wanted her vengeance?

To Be Continued…

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