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A Story Written By Nitefury…

ready, he glanced at the clock 19:00 hours. He had been watching the birthday live on Tv from his hotel room as he waited for the hour. Picking up the remote, he changed the channel to a different station that would give him national news.
**Tv Channel**
Newscaster: …….miss Victoria Etuk, friend of missing girl Jane Duke, has died this afternoon after battling with the injuries sustained from the bullet wounds their attackers inflicted on her a week ago. It could be recalled that at around a few minutes past 7:pm on the night of their attack, miss Victoria obviously while trying to flee from their attackers was shot at close range with the bullets piercing her lungs and her spine. 
She was left for dead while her friend Jane Duke, daughter of Dr. Christopher Duke, the Chief Medical Director University of Calabar teaching hospital UCTH, was abducted. She had been unconscious in the intensive care unit of the hospital. 
The hospital as soon as the news of her death broke out, was besieged by hundreds of protesting students who were angry about the lack of security especially around the students dominated Etar-Agbor area of the university.
Speaking to our reporter, one of the protesting students, who claimed to be close friends of the deceased and missing girls and gave her name as Vivian Abang had this to say…
Vibangs (sobbing): “Its so painful, we’ve been friends and classmates right from primary through secondary. Its just too much to bear. Students are continuously being abducted, raped or murdered and the police keep on giving us their usual rhetorical statements of being on top of the security situation. They must find out the people behind all this o….”
Reporter: “We were not able to speak with parents of the deceased girl who had been in the hospital since their daughter was admitted here but Dr. Duke while speaking, said he believed the police would do their job and prayed for the safe return of his daughter. 
Meanwhile mother of missing girl and wife of Dr. Duke is said to be in stable condition after collapsing when the news of her daughter’s abduction got to her.
Also, in addressing the crowd of protesting students, the commissioner of police, Mr. Adamu Adamu assured the students that no stone would be left unturned and that the police were already closing in on the perpetrators of the act. He assured them that adequate security measures have been put in place by the school authorities and the police to safeguard them against further occurrences.
Wisdom Edem, reporting from Calabar”.
Newscaster: “Just a reminder to our viewers, this is the picture of missing girl Jane Duke. You’re advised to report to the nearest police station near you if you have any information or might have seen her.
When we come back from the break, we take you live to the banquet hall of Hotel de Viva, where Nigerian Billionaire and business man Cheif A. A. Adams is celebrating his 60th birthday anniversary. Please stay with us, don’t go away”..
“Beautiful girl” he said to himself as he flipped to another channel for something more interesting than the Billionaire banker’s birthday he had been watching elsewhere. A man destined to die tonight.
Jade had slept for most part of the day. For over a week, this was the first sleep she was having that wasn’t influenced by drugs. Back on their training Island, they had always been drugged to sleep having been awake for most part of the nights when they had their training.
She had woken up somewhat around 5pm feeling very hungry. Downstairs through her window she could see about three armed security men walking around. She went into the kitchen and prepared noodles and boiled eggs for herself. As she settled down to eat, she had turned on the Tv and the first channel that came up was showing the birthday party live.
She watched with indifference seeing the smiling face of her would be violator. She also wondered how many of all those rich people present there had skeletons in their closets, because just like the birthday celebrant Chief Adams, they all looked responsible and law abiding.
Done eating and leaving the tv on, she went back into her room for a well deserved shower as she had been instructed to get dressed in the school girl uniform and undergarments provided.
Returning back to the living room at a few minutes past 7pm, the channel she had been watching had switched over to their news room for the evening new. She sank into the couch while picking up the remote control so she could change the channel 
And just on the screen, the newscaster said “……miss Victoria Etuk, friend of missing girl Jane Duke, has died this afternoon after battling with the injuries sustained from the bullet wounds their attackers inflicted on her a week ago. It could be recalled that at around a few minutes past 7:pm on the night of their attack, miss Victoria obviously while trying to flee from their attackers was shot at close range with the bullets piercing her lungs and her spine……..”

The window of escape he was looking for suddenly popped up. He just saw his dad’s eldest sister talking with her daughter (his cousin). Another forbidden fruit he had the hots for. They were both age mates, only months apart with him coming a month before her. But had spent most of their growing up together and had fooled around a couple of times more than he could remember as teenagers. The university only separated them with her following her mom to Canada and him, the UK.
Though she was now engaged to someone else, getting into her panties again wasn’t a problem. But of them still had the chemistry between them. The last time they fvcked was when she visited Nigeria three years ago and spent the vacation with them. As soon as his Dad and Jane would leave the house, both of them would reach for each others clothes. The had fvcked everywhere from the toilet, bathroom, garage, beach and cinema to anywhere they had 5 minutes alone. They even did it once inside Jane’s office when she had gone for a board meeting. 
“Come dear, lemme introduce you to someone special” he said to his girlfriend as he pulled her along with him. 
Seconds later they were standing before his aunt and cousin. “Auntie, so glad you made it finally. Nice to see you” he said kissing the surprised older lady on both cheeks. 
“Oh my little Freddy. All grown up looking manly in his big boy pants and suit. Your dad swore not to forgive if we don’t make it, so it was a last minute flight” she said happily 
Going over to his cousin, he hugged her and kissed her both cheeks too. She quickly whispered “Been looking for you all night, my battery is down. Left the phone in the room”
“Auntie, Jessy meet Delphine my girlfriend. Delphi, meet my mother and auntie, Mrs. Williams and my lovely friend, sister and partner in crime Jessy” he said doing the introductions. 
“Your girlfriend? At this stage you should be talking about a fiancee or wife and not girlfriend Freddy” his aunt said in disapproval as she hugged the girl during which time he quickly gave his cousin the sign that they should hold on to her for him.
“Actually, I was waiting to seek your approval before I popped the question. So I’m gonna leave her with you guys so you get to know her. Meanwhile, I’ll go catch up with a few clients. Please don’t let anyone steal her from you till I come for her myself”. With that he took his leave and Delphine, having heard “popping the question and fiancee”, had no problem with him leaving her behind.
The next meeting he had found his way out of the banquet hall. Going as though he was going towards the lavatory,he change course and headed for the stairs. On the next floor, he went into the elevator and pushed the button for the last floor. Room 045 was just a code. Zero meant the last floor, which was the presidential floor. 4 meant the fourth passageway after exit of the elevator and 5 meant room number five her personal suite.
Bringing out his own custom made magnetic card, he swiped through the door, opening it, he went inside.
Inside, the room was dark but he could see the image of his sister by the glass window looking out down at the city skyline. With the way the hotel was built, one could actually lean on the glass and still not be seen from the outside be it in the night or day time. 
“What kept you so long?” she asked not turning to look at him 
“Delphine… I had to hand her over to auntie and Jessy cos she wouldn’t just let me breath” he said walking up to her from behind. Standing behind her, he placed his hand on her shoulders asked he went down and kissed her neckline. He noticed she was drinking from a wine glass and the bottle was in her other hand.
“You should get rid of that girl for someone who would love you sincerely and not for your wealth or family’s name” she said taking another sip 
“Someone like you? Where would I find such? They all seem to be after the money and just wouldn’t let me be no matter what I do to make he leave” saying that, he passed his hand round cupping her boöbs through the gown and föndled them lightly as his Joystick began to kick.
“Its a beautiful night Fred. Make love to me like a true lover” she said as her breathing increased with his föndling of her boöbs 
Collecting the wine glass and bottle from her, he could tell she was already tipsy but actually meant what she said. He placed the glass and bottle on the little table and held her up.
Turning her around to face him, their lips met in what was a fierce but passionate kiss. The kiss lasted for about five minutes during which time he could feel his Joystick almost tearing his boxers and trouser. All the while he groped and squeezed her Buttocks just the way she loved it. His hand then dropped to her thigh region and through the slit, he began to pulled the gown up until his hand found its way into her panties as he started playing with her Kittycat while she grinding it into him the more as they kissed.
Done with the pvssy, he then passed his hand behind, and began to squeeze the bare fleshy Buttocks cheeks. He could tell she was putting on a thong panties. He squeezed the thong panties all together with the Buttocks cheeks.
Turning her around with force, he pushed her towards the glass window, lifted the gown up, held it with one hand as he undid his belt and fly with the other hand. Then guiding his Joystick with one hand, he pushed it past the side of the thong into her pvssy and began to slow fvck her. 
“Mmmm” she moaned as she braced herself on the glass window with her hands. With their clothes still on, she wasn’t feeling the full length of his 8 inches Joystick but she loved the position still, because the grip was there. Then she felt him increase the pace of his thrusting just as the her was no longer föndling her boöbs but was now squeezing it roughly.
Fred had his hand inside his sisters dress and was squeezing roughly her braless boöbs just as he knew she loved it. Then pulling down the single strap of the dress, he pulled it down until her bare boöbs were in display. Pressing back into her, he pushed her until her boöbs were pressed against the glass.
“Oh Freddy… Mmmm… Yeaa.. Right there” she moaned lifting up her hands and pressing them on the glass up above her head just as her boöbs were firmly pressed into the glass. If it were a transparent glass, then anyone looking up would have seen them. 
All of a sudden Fred pulled out of his sister’s pvssy and helped her get off the gown completely. Then she held his had and pulled him towards the bed. As both of them climbed the bed in a kneeling position, she went down and took his Joystick in her hand. Stroking it up and down briefly, ahe took the member in her mouth and began to suck as hard as she could while also squeezing his balls. “Ahhh” he moaned as he struggled to get out of his shirt. 
With her red painted lips, she coated his huge Joystick with her saliva as she sucked like she first did him when he was just 14 years old when she had caught him jerking off with her panties on his face. Fred held her head, holding her dreads together as he fvcked her mouth. He still went down a little and cupped her boöbs, föndled it a little before pinching the nipplës.

To Be Continued…

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