Must Read: The Cartel (18+)… Part 27

A Story Written By Nitefury…
Then pushing him onto the bed, she smiled as she grabbed his boxers and pulled it off completely. Then she stood up on the bed and pulled down her purple thong panties and threw it at his face. She knew he loved it and wasn’t surprised as he licked the crotch area. Going back down, she grabbed his Joystick, lick the head off the pre Pour that had formed there during the brief break, before engulfing it whole into her mouth. 
Then she pulled the Joystick out of her mouth and moved up and sat on his face. “Eat me Freddy. My pvssy is has been licking all night” ahe said as she gave him no time and began to grind her pvssy into his face. 
Fred lapped hungrily and happily at his sisters pvssy like his living till the next day depending on it. He inserted his tongue as far up as it would go and lapped hungrily from the honeywell. Its was just like the first day when she forced him to eat her pvssy when she had caught him jerking off to her panties. A habit he had developed when he had seen her bathing once while he was 12years old.
Having had enough, she grabbed his Joystick and went down his hips. Positioning it over her pvssy, she coated his Joystick head with her juice which never seemed to stop flowing. Then bracing herself, she began to lower herself enjoying the feel of his large Joystick head spreading and splitting her open. Her face was a mixture of pain and pleasure as she felt him go completely in to the base. Placing her hands on his chest, she began to slowly ride him. 
As her hips moved up and down, through the light coming in from the window, Fred watched as his Joystick disappeared and reappeared from inside his sister’s pvssy. Each time, he felt the swollen inner and outer pvssy lips stretch and massage his large member. He moved his hands up to cupped and föndle her boöbs. Then putting his hands behind her, he pulled her down and began to suckle the thumb sized nipplës interchangeably.
Then his sister all of a sudden pushed him back into the bed and sat as the movements of her hips picked up pace. “Does your Sluut fvck you like this?” she asked him grinding and humping her hips against his Joystick. 
“None of them fvcks like you” he said panting. Reaching up to grab her waist, he added “Even Delphine lie like a log letting me do what I want… Its so frustrating” he added as he began to thrust back into her from under her. It wasn’t long before he felt his balls begin to chun and without warning, he exploded deep inside her as he grabbed her firmly.
Damn, just when she was finally getting into this fvck, this boy just came,with warning. She just slowed down her pace, grinding him slowly until her pvssy completely milked his Joystick. “Why did you Pour so soon?” she asked disappointed
“It’s been a while J.. Besides, you kept teasing me all evening. What were you expecting? I was so turned on” he said as she rolled over to his side
As they lay on the bed catching their breath, she pulled out the bedside drawer , brought out a box of weed and a piece of paper and began rolling some amount of weed. Rolling over his näked body, she picked the lighter from the other side of the bed while deliberate brushing his limp Joystick in the process. Returning to her position, she lit the joint, inhaled deeply about thrice before passing it to her him. 
Enjoying their post coital bliss, they both lay näked on the bed smoking the joint. He began to reminisce about his forbidden affair with his elder sister. He was 14 and had been jerking off to her panties until he was caught. She threatened to beat him if he didn’t lick her pvssy since he was obviously intoxicated by her scent. She was 23 years old then.
And to her greatest surprise, he had hungrily licked it because she had been the object of his Sekxual fantasy. He had seen her and their dad spend several nights together in bed fvcking. She had giving him head too at the end of it. The habit continued until his 15th birthday when she gave him his first fvck as a special gift. Ever since then, they never stopped. With his new found knowledge, he had taken his cousin, Jess’s virginity too.
On his 21th birthday, which coincided with his graduation from the University, he and his dad had a 3some with her after much drinking and drugs. She had suggested it to their dad who till date, thinks that was his first time with her.

When they were done smoking the second wrap, they were both high and ready to go for round two.
She started by stroking his Joystick amd then sucking it back to life. Then she got up from the bed and positioned herself on all fours. Pressing her chest down, she pushed her Buttocks up like a sacrificial offering to him.
Taking his position behind the Buttocks, Fred licked a finger and then pushed it into her arsë making her moan “ahhh”. Leaving the finger inside, he guided his Joystick with the other hand towards her slit. Again, rubbing it up and down in a bid to lubricate his Joystick head and tease her clitöris, he then pushed it all the way into her pvssy.
Gently at first, he thrust into her letting her adjust to the new position with her moaning like an old lady as his Joystick rubbed her geespot. Then he grabbed her hips and began to pump into her with his new found strength, thanks to the wine and weed. As his balls slapped against her pvssy lips making the “pa pa pa” sound, her large boöbs moved like pendulums back and forth. Added to the moaning and balls “hitting-pvssy” sounds, slurping sounds from her pvssy were also audible to both of them.
Having been brought almost to the point of no return initially, her orgäsm wasn’t far off this time as his Joystick kept on stimulating her geespot. Then she began to meet his thrusts halfway and within seconds, her pvssy gripped his Joystick like a vice a she experienced her third orgäsm for the day. She just laid there, her Buttocks up to him as he continued pommeling the pvssy.
The grip of her pvssy and the feel of her juice spilling out from the sides as he kept on fvcking her while she came, triggered his second release for the night. 

15 minutes later, they both exited the shower with her telling him to come with them to the Island for a special after party. “I know you’re an Buttocks man.. I got dad a virgin. The pvssy is for him and the Buttocks for you.. Besides, I don’t feel like spending the night alone in my bed” she said to him as he was about to exit the room
“I promised Delphi I’ll spend the night with her” he said. Jessy was actually his target
“Please Freddy…I told dad about it already.. I don’t want you spoiling the night. Tell tell her you’ll see her tomorrow” she said making the puppy face.
Severally in the past, she had won him over with that face. Tonight wasn’t an exception

He was surprised to see his girlfriend seriously drunk and laughing stupidly thanks to Jessy. 
“I just gave her a glass” she said innocently. Her mom had left them long ago. Fred knew the glass she meant was nothing less than a bottle of wine.
“Damn it Jess.. She doesn’t drink alcohol. She was definitely trying to impress you” he said as he led her out of the banquet hall. Taking her up his own room, her removed her dress leaving her in her panties and bra to sleep.
The time was 9pm. It was time to leave for the island.

To Be Continued…

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