Must Read: The Cartel (18+)… Part 30

A Story Written By Nitefury…
When she saw that he dad had finally penetrated the girl and was banging away, she left them in the room without anyone really taking note. Besides, no one would have queried her movements. 
Moving into her room, she punched the button signaling to the assassin it was time he came in. It was her desire for him to come into the house knowing fully well he would have to kill the security guards in the computer room and the guards who would be lounging in the lower living room as instructed and planned. Their routine was already known.
They were just about the only ones who could enter the house without invitations or emergency. Other guards had their quarters outside and usually remained there unless summoned upon. 
Picking up her pistol, she attached the silencer as she was shown by the gun runner and then moved back to the dark passageway in anticipation of his arrival upstairs. For some inexplicable reason, she was very calm. She then switched off the lights in the passageway and withdrew to the end. The lights from the living room passageway was the only light on. Then she heard the whispering sounds of his gun downstairs and the grunting of dying men and she quickly hide back as he climbed up the stairs. Then she saw him emerge, walking silently with his gun pointing in front of him like pro killers do.
When he had passed, she quickly and quietly emerged from behind him. Then as if to survey the room, she noticed him about to turn around having sensed her absence in the room with the trio and pulled the trigger. Giving him no chance whatsoever, he landed with a thud to the ground just as she saw her dad and Fred turn towards her direction. The Dam being fvcked still had her eyes shut in pains or pleasure. She cared less, she was about to put all of them out of their misery. 
“What tha fvc…..” her dad tried to say in shock but she cut him short 
“Shhhhhh dad.. Sit down… Fred.., pull out and sit down” she commanded pointing the gun at them. Only then did jade open her eyes in shock and fear of what was happening. 
“He has already taken out the guards and security men like I instructed so don’t even try anything stupid” she added as she kicked the assassin’s hand held gun away from where he fell. All the while, she kept staring at the trio.
“What’s this all abo….” Fred tried to asked but ended shouting “ahhhh” because she shot his leg. Adding “shhhh”, she asked him to be quiet.
Taking a seat directly opposite them, she began:
“28 years ago, in the morning of her 30th birthday, I saw you standing by the bathtub arguing with my mom who was having a bath inside the bathtub. I heard you ask something like “how could you” with she saying she was keeping the baby. The door to your room was open so none of you heard or saw me come in. I quietly withdrew back to my room because of late you guys had become strangers to me.
Minutes later playing in my room, I heard you raise alarm and before I knew what was going on, the house was packed full with neighbours just as medics and the police were called in. You cried the most that morning and when eventually I emerged from my room, you saw me and picked me up. You told me mommy had an accident and would be in the hospital for sometime and I believed you. 
Police kept visiting and inviting you over severally for the next 3 or so months before normalcy returned to the house. I never understood all that happened and mom never came back. Not until age 15, did you take me to where she was buried and wouldn’t stop crying by her grave side. I was the one consoling you. About a year after her demise, you told me I had a brother. I knew since mom was no more, it was definitely a brother from another woman.
At that point you became hostile towards me and wouldn’t delay to reach for your horse whip at the slightest provocation. My back still bears some of the scars till today. I wondered if the arrival of this new brother of mine was responsible for the hatred you then had for me. From home to school, you dropped and picked me up yourself. But whenever you were home, I was in my room. Reading my books kept me away from your part but despised that brother I was yet to see. The brother that made you change to a monster who didn’t care if I bled when he flogged me. My social life became non existent but because I still fared well in my studies my teachers didn’t really bother. The few who did, you told them the loss of my mom was responsible and you were doing your best 
Finally I proceeded into FGC and saw less of you because I was a boarding student. But by age 14 and immediately I got home for an extended 3 months holiday after my junior secondary school exams, it became a different story. Perhaps having noticed that I had developed perky boöbs, which were bigger than those of girls my age, you began to see me in a different light. The daddy I once knew returned. You took me out, to your office, the cinemas and all nice places. I was very happy because i had really missed that part of my childhood. It didn’t take long before I started spending the nights in your room like I did prior to the birth of Fred. 
A week later after I started spending the night in your room, I woke up one night to the feel of your hands föndling my boöbs. I laid still and afraid to move. The next night you added your hands to my panties and still I didn’t move. And finally on the third night you raped me. I laid still in fear putting up little resistance but you had you way. I cried my eyes out the next day when you left for work. The next two nights I slept in my room and you didn’t bother me. But on the third night, you fvcked me all night in my room and I enjoyed it in way but did nothing to encourage you”. (At this point she was sobbing)
She continued “After that night, the next day, on your way back from work you got me the bicycle I had asked for during my 13th birthday which you had refused to purchase. Your excuse then had been so I’ll ride all over the estate and not read my books abi? In appreciation, I brought myself to your room to be fvcked that night without being asked or told to do so by you. And when you put your Joystick in my mouth that night, i sucked without objecting because i wanted to please you too. Again that weekend, you took me shopping buying me panties and bra and all. Getting back home, you had me try on all the panties and bra while you föndled my boöbs and touched my pvssy. 
At the end, you suggested I walk around only in my panties once we’re home alone and we became nüdists somehow because your boxers were the only thing you wore. This was easy because you relocated our two domestic staff to your sisters’ residence to help with Fred. They only came to the house and left after cleaning up and cooking. You would fvck me wherever you wanted once you had an erectiön. And I loved it in ur office, while driving with me on your laps in traffic because of the tinted glass (sobs).. I enjoyed it all hoping you’ll come to my room later in the night the few times you came back exhausted from work.
By the end of the nearly four months holiday and time to go back to school, I had developed into a full blown woman. Hips, bigger boöbs and all. I couldn’t wait for midterms or holidays to come so I can return to your bed. I still did very well in my studies too but because of my new found love for you or your Joystick, you made me promise not to break your heart or cheat on you by sleeping with any other boy or man because you love me. And because I loved you too and the frequent Sekxual urges I had in school, I went into lesbianism and preferred to dominate other girls. That way only you fvcked me all through until I entered the university.
By my first year in the university away from you, I began to wonder how come I never got pregnant despite the fact we never used protection or me on any form of birth control. Was it that you were shooting blanks or what? But if you were shooting blanks how come you fathered I and Fred. 
Though I never denied you S£x, I became curious. My curiosity led me into discovering a whole lot. Which is part of the reason I have a gun pointing at you two right now. All the while you had dome well to hide anything concerning her death from me, but after some checks online, I saw the story that she died of electrocution in her bathtub”. (she had stopped sobbing)
Recalling you two were arguing that morning, I did further checks online for pictures of the so called suicide scene and I saw her hair dryer inside the bathtub in the pictures that surfaced online. I then knew something was wrong because for one, mom had warned me never to take her wind blower or any other electrical appliance inside the bathroom as the day she saw me holding it inside her bathroom after washing my hair. She warned of electrical shock saying the bathroom was always wet as she queried what kind of electrician would make provision for an outline just by the bathtub inside a bathroom. She only used the dryer in front of her dressing mirror. 
I promised to look further into it when I return to the country upon completion of my studies. But during this period, you visited taking me on several vacations outside the UK and we fvcked in all these places. Upon my return after school and internship, I took up a position in the company working my way up the ladder. 
Continuing my investigation, I wondered why you never married Fred’s mom and found out it was just surrogacy. And that your chances of getting a lady pregnant by normal intercourse was almost zero despite the hardness and size of your Joystick. Since I wasn’t a product of surrogacy, the question then became who is my father. 
Years later, in my quest for the truth, I stumbled upon her autopsy report which indicated she was pregnant at the time of her death and then recalling tour argument that morning, I concluded you were away and it wasn’t yours. With the knowledge of your fertility situation, I concluded my mom cheated on you, or took in for someone else twice. The first being me which you accepted and the second which made you murder her.
Perhaps the reason you became hostile towards me when you had Fred with another lady. (All the while Fred had been groaning in pains as he was also losing blood). And lady made me your S£x slave. I feel bad that I enjoyed it though, with the only downside being the fact that I can barely be with anyone else other than you two or some girl (she turned to look at Jade who folded up in fear).
I was gonna let everything go by after all we’re all happy until I came across your will, in which everything you own was handed over to Fred. I’ve served you both as a S£x slave and work slave, helping you build your brand to what it is today and all you can do is treat me like an outsider. A nobody. It was at this point I decided to avenge my mom and take back from you what I helped you build. I picked your birthday.
So I paid him $2m and provided him all the Intel he would need for the job. Then gave him an invite to the last house party here to get the access codes he demanded. No one known assassin in our organization can be trusted by me to do the job. Besides, he’s said to be the best in the Nigerian army. My next step was to pay $300k for a virgin slave teenage girl as a birthday present for you, so you can enjoy your fetish before I send you to the great beyond. 
You see, I got it all planned out that he never knew who his contractor was and I killed him because I don’t want someone employing his services against me in the future. The slave girl here was just the bait needed to get you two together. Now, you’ll watch me kill your precious son before I do you” she then pointed the gun at Fred’s head and was about to shoot when he chief Adams interrupted her talking tough.
“Before you take our lives, you owe it to us to hear my side of the story. Else we do not deserve to be killed”
“yea right, speak chief, your daughter is listening” she mocked him

Having heard all what Jane had said, he felt bitter that she had found out thaw truth. But well, there were reasons for his actions which he needed to tell her. So he began
“your mother was the first and only woman I loved. She was my first love and I lost my virginity to her even though she wasn’t a virgin. During my final year, she told me she was pregnant and she moved in to stay with me. She was in her second year then and had to spend a year nursing you. Her parents chased her away and my parents cared less about us. Though she was accommodated in the compound, I was basically responsible for her upkeep. When you were born, the situation changed and both parents forgave us and gave us their support and blessings. 
We got married immediately after my service and I landed my banking job. You were a spitting image of her and I fell in love with you. Five years later after marriage, during which time she proceeded to finish her schooling and service, no second issue. After series of tests, it was discovered I couldn’t father a child through direct intercourse because of my near sterility status and low Pour count. I wasn’t into alcoholism or smoking as a youth to say maybe that’s why. It turned out it was genetic. 
Sad I was, but the question then became who was your father?. After much pressure, with teary eyes, your mom confessed her uncle Mr. Williams, who was my elder sisters husband was responsible. And that he had forced her to rope it on me because of the taboo. She claimed it was just a one time affair when she had gone to their residence for a weekend from school.
I confronted him and he confirmed it but apologized. It remained a secret between the three of us and my sister only knew years later after his demise. Which was the reason she left Nigeria because she could no longer stand you having already fallen in love with you. We began to explore other avenue of conceiving our own child and IVF became our best shot. When the time came, her eggs were collected and stored while I was placed on a special diet to boost my Pour production and virility. 
Then I discovered she was already one month pregnant. To say the least, I was broken but she finally put the last nail to the coffin of my heart when she said she wasn’t gonna deceive me that she was sorry. That after over seven years, no second issue so she did what she had to do to save my Buttocks public questions. She said my Pour when ever it was collected can be kept pending the birth of the one in her womb. Or if I couldn’t wait, I should go ahead and get a surrogate mother for it because she was definitely keeping the one in her womb.
She said since I accepted you as mine, what was the big deal in accepting the second one, after all you two shared the same father. That was it. That was the moment I lost control and held her down under the water. My intention was just to get her to drink some amount of water. But she kept struggling and I overpowered her. When I finally left her, she didn’t come up for her and I realized what I had done. So to cover my tracks, I quickly entered the room picked her hair dryer plugged it and threw it inside the water. 
My good friend and commissioner of police helped me out of the case and that was it. I then went for my checkup and my Pour was harvested, fertilized her stored egg and put in a surrogate mother. Then your dad stared his own torment as he confronted me saying whether I like it or not his child was gonna inherit my wealth. He said he knew I killed your mom because she was pregnant again for him and decided to keep it after aborting four. He confessed that he had been fvcking her throughout the length of our marriage and that as a matter of fact, he was the one who took her virginity and that was why shy never had enough of his Joystick. 
He threatened to expose me so I got him abducted and killed while swearing you were never gonna get a dim as inheritance from me. So when Fred was born, I became hostile towards you because you weren’t just my biological child, but Mr. Williams and a product of incest. So I wrote that will. Then when you came home for the extended JSS3 holidays, I noticed you had matured developing nice boöbs and it reminded me of your mom. At first I thought it would be once after all you weren’t my blood, but before I knew it, I had fallen in love with you. 
I begged you not to cheat on me because I felt you were gonna follow your mom and break my heart. Perhaps you never noticed, but after I stated sleeping with you, I cut all ties with other ladies just to stay faithful to you like I was to your mom. So before you kill me, that will was written years ago in anger and I’ve forgotten such documents existed. All I have belongs to both of you. I’m ashamed to say this, but from the night of our first fvck, I’ve taken you to be my wife. And Fred is actually your half brother..
By the time he finished, ahe had dropped the gun and was crying uncontrollably. Just then chief saw the assassin move and before he could shout “watch out Jane”, two loud shots were heard “pow POW”.
He had heard enough, waiting for the perfect moment, he pulled the backup gun from his foot, giving the lady no time to think he shot her in the head and then put another bullet in chief’s head. 
He knew that sound had alerted the other guards. Ignoring helpless and scared Fred, he picked up his other gun, then pulled out his assault rifle ready for action. Moving towards the girl, he asked her to come with him if she wanted to live…

To Be Continued…

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