A Story Written By Nitefury…
My name is Fury. You’re probably wondering what kinda parent would name a child Fury? Well, the answer is my kind. Ok, just kidding, that’s my nickname. I was nicknamed Fury from birth by my mom who claimed I was always kicking/restless while in her womb and also as a toddler. 
So while I have my real names, or lets say my official names, I’m better known as Fury. If you visit my hood and say you’re looking for me (calling my real names), chances are you would be told “No one goes by that name around here”. Back then, only my immediate classmates and a few other students knew my real names in secondary school and it only got better in the university where only your registration number really mattered. 
So you see, I was able to go unnoticed by relevant authorities for most part of my life. I crossed so many lecturers paths, but always came out clean because they were busy looking for Fury. 
To describe myself, on a scale of 1-10, I score myself 8.. Yea, I’m that good-looking. Not being light skinned and the absence of beards of my face took away the remaining two points. A particular friend always referred to me as a tortoise for not being hairy. I’m the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. Got an athletic body and what some call pink lips (which I find annoying though). 
You see, despite all my features and charm, I’ve never been lucky with the ladies. Firstly because I’m shy and mainly because I’m broke. Well, all that changed one day during the second semester of my first year in the university. By this time, the closest I’ve come to seeing a girls panties was those that managed to hang theirs by the window or sides of the apartment to dry. I wasn’t exactly a good boy, I was just a virgin due to lack of opportunity.
You see, my mom had just three of us, an elder brother and a younger sister. But I was the most troublesome of the three. I did every bad thing most children do, well except I never watched pörn until my university. I come from a strict catholic home, and my mom never fails to tell us how she wanted to be a reverend sister in a convent. How she managed not to be I don’t know, but my problem about it was her forcing wanting one of us, preferably my elder bro to become a priest. 
So I come from the southwest part of the country, had my primary education in the west, secondary in the north (one of them (dis)unity schools) and found myself in Unical. You see, I’m far from the typical south-westerner, who hardly leaves the comfort of their zone. I love to travel, so I coped well schooling far from home. 
I had wanted to be an engineer, but my mathematics teacher in SS2 and 3 made me hate math’s. Dude was so mean that I always skipped his lessons (double periods) or pretended to be in class during his lessons. By the time I was registering for Jamb, I knew zilch in math’s, and in other not to fail, I settled for MLS, since it didn’t need maths in Jamb.
I didn’t get admitted directly but had to go through the remedial (pre-degree) program, so by the time I was in my first year second semester, I had already spent two years in the city of Calabar. I’m not exactly a “waka-waka”, but I knew my way around the city.
Did I say a family friend helped me secure the admission? Yup, a family friend named Biodun helped me free of charge. Take it from me, admission in unical is a difficult as…. I don’t know what to say. Well, it wasn’t exactly free of charge, it just depends on how you see it. This family friend of mine had to fvck a man to get me admitted, though she collected nothing from me. And to tell you how screwed up Unical is, I only got admitted for remedial studies.
Bend your head lemme tell you the truth. *Begins whispering* Don’t tell anyone, Biodun is my elder brother’s ex, girlfriend. Both of them were first lovers, but she broke up with him because just like me, he was broke too and they schooled apart. Having tasted the “good” things of life in Calabar and Abuja, she outgrew my brother. Yea, she became a “runs” girl. So when she learnt I had just finished school and was seeking admission into one of them southwest universities, she paid my flight ticket to Calabar for my admission. ** stops whispering** Yea she did.
Since my brother would have nothing to do with her, she felt it was the least she could do to pay him back for breaking his heart. According to her, she didn’t deserve his love. Lol. Now she didn’t stop there, she gave me an apartment worth 250k, paid in full for two years, i.e 500k. You see, she didn’t exactly pay for it, she had a better furnished apartment and a car given to her by her sugar daddy, or gotten from proceeds of “runs”. But however, she wasn’t as stingy as most runs girls are. 
Biodun took care of me to a point that I became scared and worried she might demand from me what I cannot repay sometime. She told anyone who cared to listen I am her younger brother. She didn’t have to say it out to me about what she did, I just knew. Also I kept everything from my family. In advising me, she told me to face my studies as that was the primary reason I was in Calabar, but that the day I feel I’ve started to grow wings, that would be the day she took her hands off my welfare. She told me I couldn’t afford to date any girl as I cannot afford to maintain a Calabar chick but would end up hurt like my brother. I followed that advice religiously.
I’ve been living a low key life. Had no friends just a few talk buddies, and none of them knew where I lived. This was just to avoid a scenario where I’ll be expected to live up to standard for being able to afford an apartment in such a place. 
My next door neighbor is a girl name Vibangs. Girl is as hot as lava, daughter of one of the top medicine profs at the UCTH. Vibangs kept a company of some weird but pretty girls that she seemed to have some powerful influence over. As much as I admired her alot, I knew she was way out of my league and a no go area. Besides, she only talked to me because we live in the same apartment building, else I’m not her type.
Over the months, I had become close to vibangs with her powering my apartment with her power generating set. And I got free meals from her too. Sometimes a complete pot of soup would be passed to me. She was a year above me and was studying law. We became very close the day she was about to go for a lecture and discovered her tire was down. Everyone in the building (mostly girls though) usually formed big boys/girls for each other, hence no one bothered to help. I was late for a lecture too, but I decided to help her change the tire to the spare.
Done she volunteered to drop me in school. As she drove she said “You know, you’ve been here for over six months and I still don’t know your name?”
“Fury. My name is Fury”. She could smell my shyness from a thousand miles as we talked because I was intimidated by her beauty and personality. When she got back later in the day, her first point of call was my door before hers. 
Over time, despite the wealth of her parents and how comfortable she was, I got to know she was into campus prostitution. She just told me she organizes girls for clients but do not participate unless when necessary and the pay is right. I wasn’t judgmental because in a way I was enjoying her friendship and really wasn’t interested in knowing what falling out with her because of my “holier than” judgment would look like.
We’re a month into the second semester of my first year. There’s a girl in my class named Jessy. Jessica is everything I want in a girl. Beauty, brains, Bosom, height, slim and light skinned. She’s no match for Vibangs but I believed I could date her. She wasn’t exactly the prettiest girl in my class, but she had a whole lot of male admirers to choose from. Jessy and I were close and by the beginning of the second semester, I made my feelings known to her. She told me how I look like a brother to her because of how close we were. I was friend zoned and she began to give me space. Though I knew if she knew where I stayed, she would definitely reconsider, but that would amount to me starting off on a wrong foot.
Its Tuesday evening and I went to a branch of the bank i bank with somewhere around Marian road to withdraw my last 4k. I didn’t want to use a different banks’ ATM machine so I won’t be charged N100 reducing the money to N3900 which meant N3000 would be the only amount that would be dispensed to me. 
I had just come out of the bank and was waiting for a cab when I saw Jessy come out from corner on the other side of the road. Smiling, I quickly crossed over and engaged her in a conversation about how much I would like her to be my girlfriend. She kept walking down the street until I raised my voice asking to stop walking and give me a listening ear.
She did stop, but gave me the “did you just raise your voice at me?” kinda look
“Look, I’m sorry Jessy. Its Just that…” I was cut short by the sound of a car honking by our side.
Turning to look, I saw the well built man wind down asking about directions to XYZ hotel in Ikot-Ansa. Before I would open my mouth and say “Just keep going forward until you get to the roundabout, then take right”, I heard Jessy say “You’re in luck sir, he’s going that way” and began to walk away. I tried stop her and apologized because I knew she was hurt, but she didn’t stop.
Then the man seeing what he had done suggested if I can go with him to the place he would pay for ruining my evening. At first I thought it silly, but after a second look at the car which looked muddy, I felt he was definitely new in town. Besides, that hotel was kinda unknown. But again, I took a second look inside the car to make sure no one was behind to cover my nose with a handkerchief. Satisfied, I entered the car.
We got talking until we got to the hotel. But I noticed some stickers on the car windscreen that suggested he was not just a military officer, but probably a high ranking one. At the hotel, he didn’t quite like the place, so I suggested another one around there. He preferred the new place and when I told him I wanted to leave, he told me “My friend, you can’t just leave like that. Having travelled far, I need to eat somewhere and you should join me. Don’t worry, I’ll pay for your time”
“Hehehe.. Na wa o”, were the first words to come to my mind. 30 minutes later, we were in one restaurant eating and I was forced to asked him of he was a military man.
“I’m a major in the Nigerian army” he answered proudly. 
We went on to talk about the army with me asking why he didn’t just go to one of the barracks as a senior official. He responded saying because “I’m not in Calabar”
It took me a while to understand what he meant was “Yes, I’m a major-general in the army, but here for a private and unofficial business trip
“Fury, I need a companion for the night” he said out of the blue
My heart missed a beat as I felt that was a proposition to me that he wanted me for the night. No wonder he had insisted I hung around and he talked so much about paying for my time. “ok.. So what do you what me to do?” I asked fearing the worst
“I need a girl like the type I saw you with” he said before adding “Not a prostitutë o, a clean looking student like that one. I don’t fancy red light girls” he said straightforwardly 
In the spirit realm, I did a thousand “thank you Lord” sign of the cross he wasn’t suggesting I spend the night with him. By the way, he talked about not wanting a red light district girl, but a student. “You no no say all ashawo for Calabar na students?” I asked in my head. 
“Ok sir, but they always seem to be more expensive o. Besides, its a Tuesday night so it might be hard a bit getting you something good” I said thinking about asking Vibangs for help
“Don’t worry about that boy”. He said. With that he put his hand inside his Bosom pocket and brought out a bundle of Clement Isong and counted 15. 
I was expecting him to say use this and pay her, but he said “Here, for ruining your evening and your time. Just make the call, if the girl is right, I add you another 5k. Don’t Worry about her payment”
My eyes nearly fell into the glass of malt I was drinking from. Collecting the money, I excused him and went to a corner to call Vibangs.
“Fury what’s up?” she asked. The sound from the background suggested she was driving 
“Babe I dey o. I need your help like right now, one major general just enter from lag, I meet the man somehow and the guy say make I organize student babe for am for the night.
“Now wa o. Today na Tuesday na. Person wey I for give you no dey town, the other one the sick” she said dashing my hopes 
“Na fvck up be that o. Choi” I said scratching my head 
“How the man dey? Him go pay well?” she asked reigniting my hopes 
“Babe na sure guy o. Just gave me 15k, promised to add 5k if the babe sure. He been see me with that Jessica girl from my class for road, na the standard him set so for me” I told her
“Ok na. Were una dey?” she asked me
“ABC restaurant. How far, you get person?” I asked wondering why the question 
“No. I dey come there now myself” she said dropping the call.

To Be Continued…

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