Must Read: The Cartel (18+)… Part 4

?A Story Written By Nitefury (


17:00 hours, March 18th 1987, Mr. Akpan sat in his living room fuming. The young boy from the village had just left after delivering the message that his mother had summoned him home tomorrow. Ever since he chased his daughter out of his house, Mma had never stepped foot inside the compound again.

“Anyways” he thought to himself “she must be joking if she thinks she’ll make him drop one penny for that little Sluut of a daughter. Just when he was about to be made the zonal chairperson of the church’s council, the foolish girl got pregnant giving his opponents something to use in their campaign against him.

A position he had worked all his life for. Just this Sunday, that small man who used to answer him sir, was shouting him down because he eventually won that position. “Bastard” he cursed under his breath in anger as he remembered the humiliation he had been suffering in church.

And as if to add salt to injury, she got pregnant for a bloody northerner and a Muslim. She and that child must suffer the shame he is passing through in church” he thought to himself cursing.

Calling out to his lovely wife who was sitting at the dinning table, he told her his mom had sent for him and he would be going there after close of work the following day.


17:00 hours, March 18th 1987, from the dinning section Itoro had overheard what the messenger from the village had told her husband. “Bloody old witch” she cursed in her mind.

“You and you granddaughter would never succeed in your plans to take away my happiness. I must be happy whether you two witches like it or not. Perhaps if your son could spend 5 minutes fvcking me like I man, than spend the whole time carrying church matters on his head, I wouldn’t be this miserable going about fvcking everything with a Joystick. I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant for that Idiotic Edet who had all the while been also fvcking the choir mistress, her bloody former bestie and ended up marrying her.

Then when the did was done, you want to poke nose and say her son is not the father of my son. Old sad witch” she cursed

Continuing in her head, she said “And for that little Sluut, you’re lucky I never caught you. I would have used a hot rod and fvcked you with it since you felt you have a tight young pvssy to steal my man and get pregnant for him.

She so much hated the girl because it was never her intention to end up with Akpan while he rich sailor boyfriend Edet, was there. It was during one of Edet’s many voyages that she had decided to kill time and satisfy her itchy pvssy by allowing Akpan her next door neighbor fvck her. The useless Akpan could not even fvck, but she really had no choice but to manage. Then after about a month of frustrating fvck from Akpan, she realized she had been knocked up. In order to save face, a quick marriage was put in place while she had gone to live with his old witch of a mother in Odukpani until the birth of the little slattern.

And for that bastard boy, after claiming my pvssy wasn’t tight again, I let you fvck my Buttocks silly, something the bible frowns at, yet you still have the mind to leave me for my daughter. May god punish you wherever you are. Your little Sluut and bastard child would suffer the pain you caused me. Animal.”

To Be Continued… 

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