Must Read: The Cartel (18+)… Part 41

A Story Written By Nitefury…
Driving into the spot reserved for cars, he killed the engine before saying “Here we are” turning to face her smiling.
Smiling back at him, they both opened their respective doors and stepped outside unto the hotel premises with her grabbing her bag. Walking over to where he stood waiting for her, she folded her arms across her chest and began to rub the muscles of her arms. 
“I’m a bit cold” she said sincerely standing before him. It had rained earlier for most part of the day and coupled with her light sleeveless short dress, the air conditioning system of his car and her nervousness, she was actually being truthful. 
“Come here sunshine lets see if this can warm you up” he said grabbing her by her shoulders. Looking in her eyes, he moved his hands to hold her face pulling her closer until their lips met in a warm kiss. 
Just like he hoped, her lips immediately parted to receive his as they both kissed passionately. Passing his left hand across the back if her head and lowering his right hand to her hips, he pulled her all the more into his body as their tongues met.
Her body immediately felt warm as their lips met while she passed her arms around to his back hugging him too. Finally she was in his strong arms and could perceive the smell of his cologne up close this time around. While she felt her body involuntarily melt into his, she was also very conscious of his erectiön pressing her thigh. By the time their tongues met, his hand was already massaging her Buttocks cheeks just through her panties because he had lifted up her dress giving him access to her backside.
By the time they broke away from the kiss (due to two voices approaching from the building), she was already feeling warmer, especially between her legs. Looking deep into his eyes, she smiled and said “I believe you have a room here already, because I’m still cold inside?”
“Sure, sunshine” he responded grabbing her hand and leading the way towards the hotel buildings. Fortunately, with the location of his room, he didn’t need to go through the reception again. So no one would see who he came in with.. The time was a few minutes after 2100hrs. 
Less than three minutes later, he was bolting and locking the door to his room. Turning around, he saw her standing staring at him having dropped her bag on a center table. Dropping his car keys and wallet on the table, they both walked towards each other and were licked in another round of kissing. 
This times around he wasn’t as gentle like the way he was outside when they first kissed. While the kiss outside was just passion driven, this was right now was filled with an urgent need for each other. Pushing her body into his, she wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him like a lover she who had just returned after a long time apart. She was just attracted to this man and it was making her lose her sense of control. She just couldn’t wait have him in her, hence she began to pull him back towards the bed. 
Jama drove his tongue into her as his hands ran all over her body as he wasn’t sure where to hold. From her boöbs to her crotch in front and her firm Buttocks cheeks, his hands explored her body hungrily. Then he began to notice her pull him towards the bed as she also ran her hands on his head. The urgency with which she,kissed him back confirmed his thoughts that she actually wanted and fancied him too. “Which lady doesn’t by the way?” he smiled to himself. 
The moaning sounds that came out from their mouths as they kissed, were that of the two S£x staved lovers trying to make up for what they’ve missed in a long while. Walking slowly still locked in the kiss with her, he began to unbutton his shirt carefully to avoid tripping over her. 
Once her legs hit the foot of the bed, he pushed her (carefully) unto the bed and got rid of his shirt and vest together while she removed her sandals with her feet. Climbing the bed next to her, he gave her a quick kiss on her lips and began to kiss his way through her neck while she moaned and ached her head backwards. It’s been a while she had met with a man who understood the importance of pre-intimacy and was not just in a hurry to stick his Joystick in her poorly lubricated pvssy. 
His hands kept feeling the curves in her body while he kissed down to her colar bones. Done kissing and wanting,to proceed further down, her pulled her up into a sitting position. Grabbing her gown from the hemline, he lifted it up and off her head with her raising up her hands to make the task easier for him. 
Her firm C-cups boöbs were now attractively exposed to him. They were just too attractive because her areolas were almost non existent due to their small size despite her big boöbs and her hard nipplës had a shade of dark pink or red. He took both boöbs in,his palms and föndled them simultaneously before rubbing them against one another. Then he bent down and took one in his mouth, while tweaking and rolling the other with his free hand.
Vibangs felt like her body was about to go up in flames as he ministered on her nipplës. Her breathing had become heavy by now because his hand was on her pvssy massaging it through her panties. “Mmm Mmm Ahhh” she moaned arching her boöbs up into his mouth and spreading her legs wider. This was entirely different from all the time her lesbian partners had done this to her. Here was a man for a change who knew exactly what pre-intimacy was.
Reaching up after working on both nipplës, he kissed her passionately on the lips and then went down to her panties. Kissing from her pubes, he could feel the heat emanating from her pvssy through the thin fabric of her panties. Her Carmel toe were very much visible and pressed firmly against the thin and wet panties material. Grabbing the panties by the sides, he pulled it down with her lifting up her legs high up in the air. 
As the panties went up her long slender legs, her caught a view of a clean shaved glistening pvssy smiling at him. Dropping the panties on the floor, he spread her legs wide open and dipped a finger into her moist pvssy opening and began to slow fvck her with the finger. Slowly he continued for about a minute before removing it and using the slickness of the juice coated on it to rub her clitöris. Her clitöris which was harden,all this while had been deliberately ignored by him, so he began to make a back and fort finger movement quickly on the super sensitive organ making with her grinding her pvssy against his probing hand.
Then he return a finger inside her pvssy, curved it upward and began to massage her geespot slowly but firmly. This went on for about a minute before he introduced a second finger into the girl’s pvssy and began to finger fvcked her as fast as her slick pvssy would allow. She began to stutter-moan “Ahh-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah” in an increasing pitched tone. But when her stuttering-moans were becoming too loud for him, he pulled out his fingers from her pvssy and took them to her mouth.
Damn, this man was driving her nuts so by the time he brought the fingers he just withdrew from her pvssy to her mouth, she needed to one to tell her what to do as she hungrily took them in her mouth. She began to suck on them, tasting and cleaning off her juice which had coated his fingers while maintaining eye contact with him. She was ready to do his bidding as long as it would end with him giving her that heavenly feeling. 
With way she looked at him while sucking and licking his fingers, he knew she was really a tease that would make a good fvck. His Joystick pressed and arched inside his trouser, but he wasn’t rushing things just yet. So when she had licked the juice of his fingers, he returned both of them at once inside her moist pvssy again. Curving the fingers so they can rub and stimulate her gee spot, he then began to fvck in a steady pace while simultaneously massaging her clit in an up and down motion with his thumb. 
Within a minute of the double stimulation on her gee spot and clitöris, her stutter-moaning had began again. This time he seemed not bothered about her noise but continued until her she realized her breathing had become disoriented and heavy. Then she felt it flowing from deep within, like her womb was being pulled out and without any warning to him, she gave out a loud cry of joy like someone experiencing something so heavenly. “Yesssss” she had screamed out as her pvssy automatically gripped his finger as she climaxed. 
He watched as her breathing became dilated and calm almost immediately. Her facial expressions were priceless as they kept changing with her digging her nails into the sheets. Her juices glistered and flowed out in abundance making him decide to have a taste. Meanwhile he never stopped pumping his fingers into her pvssy as she came. So bringing his mouth down, he brought out his tongue and licked from the point where his fingers entered her pvssy upward and terminated it by taking her clitöris in his mouth and sucking.
That was all it took. As super sensitive as her pvssy and clitöris were right then as she experienced her first orgäsm, a wet tongue on her clitöris was definitely gonna cause trouble. Immediately he took her clitöris in her mouth, her second orgasmm hit her less than two minutes after the first. She knew she wasn’t a church/religious kinda girl, but she couldn’t help it when the only words that came out of her mouth as she burst in tears of joy was “Oh my god.. Oh my god. Oh my god” repeatedly in a descending pitched tone. The good feelings were just too much for her body to contain, hence crying was the logical thing to do.

To Be Continued…

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