Must Read: The Cartel (18+)… Part 42

A Story Written By Nitefury…
While the tremors she experienced from her orgasmm persisted, he undid his belt and pulled both his trouser and boxers down together allowing his rock hard Joystick to spring free from its confinement. Stepping out of the hip formed by his trouser and boxers, he stood in his birthday suit stroking his huge Joystick with pride. He allowed her to “wow” in the sight before her for a few seconds before he mounted the bed. He then reached for the top of the bed picking one of the condoms he had dropped there earlier in the evening. 
“I hope that warmed you up? Because I’m about to heat you up now” he said smiling sarcastically when she finally opened her eyes clearly. He then knelt on the bed and was about to tear and wear the condom on his Joystick when she stopped him.
Vibangs had been watching hazy eyed and partially paralyzed from pleasures of her double orgasmm at the incredible long and hard Joystick before her. The head of the Joystick looked beautifully big and she felt she should suck it first. At least as a little pay back for want he had just done to her.
“Wait, its my turn” she said sitting up and stopping him from tearing the condom. Pulling on his hand, she sat up on the bed and began to kiss him, sucking on his tongue like her intention was to pull it out of his mouth. As she did this, she ran her soft hands on his chest and shoulders while he kissed her back grabbing her small Buttocks. About a minute after the kiss began, she began to push him onto his back and then mounted him when he was finally lying on his back.
She then began to kiss and lick from his neck, to his nipplës and finally down to his belly button while leaving a wet trail of saliva behind. She then continued until she was licking around his Joystick with touching it with her hands. While she teased him by not taking the Joystick in her mouth as one would ordinarily expect, he kept squirming and turning trying to guide the head into her mouth. 
After a few seconds of the tease and hot breathing on his Joystick and balls, she grabbed and wrapped the long hard rod with her soft and slender hand. Looking up, she saw him attempt to sit up and staring down at her in a bid to see what she wanted to do. She then placed the Joystick at the center of her view of his face and then took a long, firm but slow lick from the base and terminated with the tip of her tongue in his pee hole.
“Mmm” he sighed relieved, collapsing back into the bed with his eyes shut. The next thing he felt was her mouth engulfing his Joystick head, following by her tongue whirling around just the head and pee hole. She tasted and licked the pre Pour that had found their way to the tip of his Joystick opening. 
After twirling and licking the Joystick head for about 20 seconds, she took half the length of his Joystick which was what could fit comfortably in her mouth. “What a Joystick” she thought in her head. She then began to pump the rod with her fist in and out of her mouth in a not too fast but steady rhythm. He kept arching his hips upward in a bid to get more of his length inside her mouth. 
With the tight grip she hard on his duck and the way she pumped it in and out of her mouth, it wasn’t long before he felt his release begin to build. “Was this a ploy to prevent him from fvcking her?” he wondered as he abruptly pushed her head off his Joystick. 
She thought he had been enjoying the whole mouth gig and was surprised when he suddenly pushed her head off his Joystick. She looked at him with questions in her eyes but managed to ask “Did i hurt you?”
“No Vivi, just that i don’t want to end the party before it actually begins” he said handing over the condom to her. 
Smiling at the fact that she almost got him to shoot in her mouth, she collected the condom, tore it, dropped the sachet on the floor and then wore it on his Joystick neatly. Mounting him, she grabbed the Joystick with one hand and stroked it behind her Buttocks while looking into his eyes. Taking a deep breath as if to brace herself, she guided the head to the opening of her pvssy and began to sink down. Closing her eyes, she felt his big Joystick head spread her pvssy lips apart as she lowered her weight onto his Joystick once by inch. 
He sighed deeply because despite the condom on his Joystick, her pvssy was incredibly hot around his Joystick and the grip was still present. Perhaps the size of his Joystick was responsible. When it seemed she was taking too long impaling herself completely on his Joystick, he grabbed her by the waist and pumped his Joystick completely into her. 
His Joystick completely in her, she “screamed “Ahhh” at the pain and pleasure of his unexpected action. Non of them moved for about 30 seconds, which gave her pvssy enough time to adjust to the length and girt of his big Joystick inside her small body frame. 
Starting slow at first, the young girl placed her hands on his chest for support and then began to rock her hips up and down his Joystick. While she did this, he also pumped into her from beat her while grabbing her boöbs, föndling them and tweaking her nipplës simultaneously. Passing his hands under her armpits, he pulled her on her shoulders downward to enable him suck on her boöbs. He sucked, nibbled and licked like he was dying from thirst and those where the only available source of a life saving liquid. 
All the while she had been fvcking him slowly, but with the way he was attacking her boöbs, she seemed to have been charged. So she pushed his head back down into the bed and increased her pace like a possessed girl. Running her nails this time around on his chest, she fvcked him with all she had. It was more like she was trying to fvck a demon out of him. They both weren’t moaning exactly, but their breathing was so fast that it sounded like moans. 
But for the condom that had now reduced the sensitivity on his Joystick, he knew he would have erupted. Looking up at the beautiful girl, he saw her sweating profusely as she vibrated on his Joystick. This was the beauty of fvcking a slim chick, he was always balls deep in their deep pvssies. Grabbing her by the waist, he held her firmly in a bid to steady her while he pumped into her too. 
He began to feel walls of her pvssy grip his Joystick tighter and she began to quiver around his Joystick. It didn’t take up to 30 seconds before her body tightened with her acting like she just had a seizure as she experienced earth shattering orgasmm. While she didn’t scream this time around, her body went limp as her juice spilled out onto his groin. She just collapsed on his chest. Poor thing, she had only succeeded in wearing herself out. He had been on the edge all the while save for the condom reducing the sensitivity, so he decided to end everything.
Not pulling out, she felt him lift her much smaller body up and then placed her on the bed gently. Opening her eyes, she watched him part her legs spread-eagle. Slowly, he began to thrust into her slippery pvssy, making sure to brush her clitöris when pulling out. Probably the demon that had possessed earlier on, only left her body when she climaxed but was still hovering about in the room. When the demon finally entered him, he began fvck life out of her. His thrusting was so fast that in that her post orgasmic state, she realized she was struggling to breath. 
He realized holding her legs in the spread-eagle position was only making her pvssy wider, thereby reducing the frictional force it had on his Joystick. So pulling her legs together, her pushed her knees up, trapping them under his chest thereby increasing the grip of her slippery pvssy. It took less than a minute in this new position before he began to feel his balls tighten as his release began to shoot into the condom without warning. With a few more uncoordinated thrusts, he emptied his load deep inside her, but trapped inside the condom. 
While she lay motionless as he practically attempted to fvck life out of her, she couldn’t wait for him to finish again. She had never been fvcked this hard. Whenever she said fvck me hard, her clients had always tried to pump into her with force only to Pour within minutes. But this right here was more than she ever imagined. So she more than glad when he collapsed on her much smaller body which was an indication that he had climaxxed. 
Rolling over from her body as his spent Joystick shrunk inside her pvssy, he headed into the bathroom. There, he removed and flushed the condom. Returning into the room, he picked her curled body up from the bed and,returned into the bathroom. Supporting her to stand, he turned up the faucet of the shower and began to wash and rinsed their bodies from their sweat and mixed juices. When done, he dried her body then his before lifting her back into the room. Asking her to stand on her feet for a minute, he quickly straightened the sheets. Then he lifted up again like the little girl she was (when compared to his body size) and placed on the bed with her curling up.
His limp sick leading the way, he then proceeded to turn on the air conditioning system (because the room was not just hot, but smelt of S£x) and then turned off the lights. Returning to the bed he pulled her into his body in a spooning position. 
None of them said a word to each other from that point. Besides the sound of the air conditioner and the hotel’s power generating set obviously not far from their window, only their calm breathing could be heard. Within minutes, both of them were asleep soundly. 

To Be Continued…

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