Must Read: The Church Accountant (Season 3) 18+… Part 14

A Story written by Oluwande Towoju (08160694908)… If you missed Part Thirteen, read it HERE!!!

(fast forward to evening)

I got to Cocoa Mall around 6pm and I was staying in front of Cassa Bella when I felt a touch on my shoulder. 

Helen: thanks for coming. I thought we would meet in my house. But all the same you are welcome.

Me: ok. How far?

Helen: please let’s go to my place.

Both of us went to Shoprite to purchase some edibles but little did I know that she bought durex along with what she bought. When we got to 
her place it was already 7pm. As I was settling down a call came to my phone

Me: hello

Caller: it is me

Me: who are you?

Caller: Ifeoma.

Me: cHIZOZZZ!!!! Ifeoma haa you left us to Port – Harcourt and you refused to call me.

Ifeoma: I misplaced my phone that time and I decided to retrieve the line, copied all my contacts and destroyed the sim. But where are you?

Me: I am in a friend’s place

Ifeoma: I came to Ibadan specifically to taste your c^ck. When are you going to be home?

Me: I will be home tomorrow evening.

Ifeoma: haa!!!! Let me speak with that your friend

Me: I am sorry it can’t be possible

Ifeoma: why

Me: Have a long tail and two branches

Ifeoma: (hissed) you no well Accountant. (ends call)

When her call ended, I placed my phone in silent but what strikes me most is that Helen’s house was modest, and as I saw her coming from the bathroom, I saw her laps and I wowed. Before I could say Jack Robinson, my c^ck was erect in my trousers. She came to meet me and removed her towel. I saw a clean – shaved pu33y. she removed my c^ck and when she saw the enormity she gasped.

Helen: mo gbe. (I’m in trouble) so this is what you have been carrying

I kept quiet. Then she started pleasuring my c^ck with her fingers. I wanted to play with her nippl3s but she refused. Then she started sucking it like lollipop sweet. After some minutes, she took a pack of cd, wrapped my c^ck then went on fours and guided it into her pu33y. I gently bleeped her but later increased the tempo. I couldn’t enter her fully because she was very tight. Afterwards, she stood up wrapped her legs around my waist and we started bleeping. All I was hearing her saying is “Accountant, when are we getting married……. Accountant, I want to have your baby…… Accountant, don’t break my heart……. Aaaaassssshhhhhh……….. hmmmmmmmm………. Oooouuucccchhhhh……….” I unleashed the dragon in me and I bleeped her mercilessly. She climaxed about three times but I am not satisfied yet. I carried her to the bed and entered her in Missionary position and bleeped her till we both climaxed together. I removed my c^ck from her Kitty-Cat and lay beside her. I observed that she spread her legs and was fanning her pu33y. I smiled at myself and slept off.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 9, 2016 — 3:38 pm

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