Must Read: The Church Accountant (Season 3) 18+… Part 3

A Story written by Oluwande Towoju (08160694908)… If you missed Part Two, read it HERE!!!

Few days after I resumed, someone came to knock on my office door

Me: please come in

When the person entered, I was stunned because I was seeing someone who can perfectly match the description of Venus Williams and had the voice of Maria Sharapova. My uncle Joe was nodding in appreciation for the endowed woman I was seeing. She wore an above-the-knee skirt, and an extra – fitting shirt with a waist – coat. Where I was seated I was already drooling in my pants because the lady looked fcukable.

Me: good afternoon. How may I help you

The person: good day sir. My name is Helen Ogabi. I am the Account Officer for all the accounts the Church is maintaining. And ……….

As she was talking, I was no longer concentrating. I was imagining how I will take her b^^bs, suck them and squeeze her a$$ with precision and speed and how I will Bleep her brains out. She had to hit the table twice before I could come back to my senses.

Helen: I observed that you were not concentrating when I was talking.

Me: I am sorry (in my mind – walahi this is a fcukable person) it was just that I was thinking on how to go on a particular assignment. (I lied)

She looked at me to my eyeball and smiled

Helen: The way you are looking, I’m suspecting you but here is my card (handed her card to me) my contact is right there.

I did as if I wanted to collect the card from her but I grabbed her hand instead. I looked into her eyes and winked at her. 

Helen: please what is your name?

Me: my name is Mike.

Helen: ok. Pastor Mike. Can I have your contact?

I gave her my contact with the speed of light. When she was about leaving a call entered my phone. It was my fiancée.

Titilayo: my baby

Me: Iyawo re. How are you? (I beckoned to Helen to wait)

Titilayo: I’m fine. How is work?

Me: work is going on great. How is Lokoja?

Titilayo: Lokoja is fine. Just that Temitemi and Mogidi fought over eba yesterday

Me: (laughs) na wa for your hall mates. Please let me call you in the next 5 minutes

Titilayo: ok I will be expecting your call. (call ends)

Helen: lover boy……..i go love ooo

Me: hmmmm….. If you say so.

Helen: I will call you this evening.

Me: ok my Ladyship majesty. 

When Helen left, a part of me says that I should be careful with her; another part of me was saying that since Titilayo is not around, I should be able to score some points with her. After a while the intercom buzzed

Me: hello sir

Receptionist: Sir, someone wants to see you

Me: who is that person?

Receptionist: the person is already on her way

Me: ok.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 9, 2016 — 3:38 pm

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