Must Read: The Circle (18+)… Part 11


A story written by midday Writer

The meeting with Halimat did not go well as planned she was literly screaming when Rob requested for 15 million naira from her it was not like she did not have such funds with her but the problem was she had the feeling Rob was about to swindle her or do something crazy maybe get married to a young girl and run away with her not even after Rob had showed her a business plan blueprint he wanted to invest the money on (Jamal’s idea ) that was how it all came down to him running to his last idea which was a not too good idea 

Anita was so furious so jamal had not stopped all his smallie parole as she scrolled through his chat all that was on her head was to break up with himthat was after breaking his head and his Joystick at the same time immidiately Jamal walked into the room seeing Anita with his phone he knew he was busted Fork he forgot to place his phone on lock he deactivated it last night when he was trying to transfer some files to alhaji and the lock was becoming an obstruction to him Jamal patiently waited for annie to start with her troubles

Kola smiled to himself as he got another message with an image attachment to it now he has the perfect picture he knew everyone in the circle his P/I did not fail him the dude had been on Sade since a week and he knew almost everybody attached to her now Kola scrolled through all the picture Sade the eve that he woul use to destroy Richard once and for all Annita ohhh what a beautiful girl he would love to have a one night stand with her but he was not into Such Bimbo Richards female look alike works at Dtel hmmmmmmmm Jamal not much intel on him Robinson the guy who is into Sade lets start with him he picked up his phone delilah had some work to do for him.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 8, 2016 — 3:50 pm

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