A story written by Midday writer…

Sade woke up to a bright light and two smiling faces “Good morning how are you doing dear” 
She had tried to stand up from the bed when she felt a slight pain in her head and 
Shoulder “You should be happy you have suffered a slight injury but anyway you will be 
Discharged later in the day” one of the nurse informed her she laid back her head on the bed 
And tried to remember what happened she had gotten run over by a car while JOB HUNTING 
that single thought made her feel pains all over her body what a life she turned to the 
Bedside table close to her she found her purse rushed in with her left arm since her right 
Arm had a drip attached to it she maneuvered her phone out 58 missed calls she had only been 
Gone for a day not a year she checked it was practically her roommates sharing turns 
Calling her 3 from her mum and 7 from a strange number there were also 3 text messages one 
From her stupid network provider about caller tunes and the remaining two from Anita and 
Bimbo respectively she took to reading the one from Bimbo first since Anita would have 
Nothing meaningful to say to her “Where have you been you have kept us worried please pick 
Up your calls” awwwww how sweet of Bimbo then came the one from Anita “Oloshi finally you 
Have start doing runz anyways just come back with money ohhhhh otherwise your load is 
Outside” Anita can be mad like that shaaa………….

To Be Continued…

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