Must Read: The Circle (18+)… Part 4


A story written by Midday writer…

The Hennessey tasted like water down Kola’s throat he as practically trying to kill his anger 
But was getting nowhere near that he quickly picked up his phone and dialed one of his 
Contacts if alcohols don’t solve the problem maybe an Buttocks can. Kola has always believe he was 
The better Adebayo until now when their father proved him wrong by making Richard his half 
Brother Ceo of ADB CORPS his pain is that he had practically worked his butt off to get his 
Fathers favor PhD in management 3 years special training course in Business Administration 
But what has Richard done nothing he was just a mere Biochemist he had to 
Prove to his father he owned that spot or Things are gonna happen just then the door 
Bell rang his booty call was here………

This was practically the third time she had explained to her roommates how she got knocked 
Down by a car only to discover the driver was a prince charming but still they or should she say Anita found it hard to believe “so you are trying to say you go find work only for 
One fine rich boy to jam you pay your hospital bill you con come house no bring money come 
Bimbo how many times have I said Sade’s father should have masturbated her semen away” 
Bimbos mind was far from the discussion they were having fine Sade is back home safe and 
Hearty but there was something else bothering her mind she had just received a phone call 
From hell that afternoon….

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 8, 2016 — 3:53 pm

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