Must Read: The Circle (18+)… Part 6


A story written by Midday writer…

All through the meal Rob had kept shut and that had made Halima worried she had thought 
bringing him out was a bad idea after all so once they got home she had jumped untop of rob reached for his zippers and grabbed him Joystick but rob would have none of that him mind was preoccupied with other things he pushed her away from him gently and made to the toilet to wash his face just then he received a text on his 

Sunday morning so sweet Sade woke up preparing for church just then her phone rang it was Richard her prince charming or let’s say the driver who ran her over 
“Hello Good morning” his voice sounded like iced milk and sugar (i don’t even know how that taste) “Good morning Sir” ”
Richard: so how are you doing?
Sade: am fine
Richard: How is your body now hope no problem 
Sade: Nothing Hey!! Am heading to church who calls this time of the day on Sunday what are you a pagan? Go to church Richy
Richard: hehehehe i actually just returned i attend a catholic church
Sade: Ok your Holiness
Richard: So i have not really been able to show you how much sorry i am after last Fridays accident can i take you out to dinner tonight
Sade: Hmmmmm lemme go to church and pray over it first
Richard: hehehhehehehehe stop joking am really serious here
Sade: Oga good bye ohhhhh am on my way to church
Richard: Should i come to pick you.
The line went off this girl was doing something to him from the moment he had aligned from his car after he had knocked her immediately he saw her face he knew something had changed about him all thanks to Bode for making him mad that day speaking of his devilish Half-brother he had not seen him since Friday after their argument over who really deserved the CEO spot he really did not care who gets it but since their father had insisted he become the CEO he had no choice to refuse who was he to disobey his father he picked up his phone and dialed Bode’s number

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 8, 2016 — 3:54 pm

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