A story written by Midday writer…

All through work bimbo could not concentrate at all she had on her mind was what her mum told her She was still trying to conprehend it when her collougue Martins came over to her cucible to announce to her that the new management is visiting to take a review of all the work that all workers are expected to appear downstairs in the company’s reception hall
Bimbo dragged herself downstairs just in time as their boss Mr Fred was making a speech
“i am very glad to inform you about our new pathnership with Adebayo’s Corps ladies and gentlemen i would appreciate if you can give a big round welcome to the Ceo of Adebayos Corps Mr Adebayo Richard” as he mounted the pupit to give his speech Martins just kept staring back and forth at Bimbo and richard “OMG What a resemblance”

To Be Continued…

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