A story written by Midday writer…

She must have wanted it so badly for her to come knocking at the time of the day that she 
Did but who is he to deny her the pleasure of S£x truth be told he also enjoys it so it was 
No big deal Halima is the kind of babe that even if you Fork her a million times she will 
Still come back running for more and he also just can’t get enough from her mature body she 
Will be staying for the week end no doubt because according to her she had informed him 
That her husband have travelled to Dubai for many of his numerous business trips what an Buttocks 
Her husband is choosing work over such a magnificent piece of God’s creation as she slept 
Beside him ROB smiled to himself as he felt himself feeling an erection…

The struggle in life is damn real getting a certificate is one thing getting a job is 
Another and the hardest task of all is securing it life is not very easy 
this was practically the 5th time Sade have gotten a job only to come for appointment letter and meet one shameless fellow asking to Get a taste of her soup or nothing for her and been the mommas girl she was she had bluntly refused and once more become jobless again her friends whom she have been squatting with since the past 9 months will definitely kill her “No be Toto him want just give am make u 
Dey carry your body commot from house every morning abi Na today you don day Fork?” 
The Ever lousy Anita will tell her every time she explains her predicament to her Bimbo was the 
Only one who assured her a bit maybe because of the tribal things sha but come to think of it 
She found it funny telling her friends how a big letter V she is they would practically 
not believe her she was so lost in thought that she did not notice the approaching car whom  the stupid driver had lost control of last thing she remembered was people screaming…..
This was the third time Jamal has dialed Robs number and he is not picking just as he was 
About calling him for the fourth time a text came in “AM STUCKED IN TRAFFIC BREAKING FOURTH 
COMANDMENT WITH HILTLER” He just smiled at himself he understands the code Rob was 
Practically pumping the craze out of wait Hitler that is code name for His boss Alhaji 
Ali’s wife Halima ohm Shtt thought the crazy punk of an Buttocks said he was done with her this 
Rob of a guy will surely put himself in trouble but if they happen to be any problem he 
Definitely had a hand in it because it was he who had introduce them both together during 
Annie’s birthday the previous year he had dressed up to go out when Halima asked him where 
He was going he had told her it was a Friend’s birthday party she had insisted they go 
Together even after he had made her see reason she was married plus it would be putting his 
Job as office assistance to her husband at risk but she paid deaf ears that was how she and 
Rob happened She still believes he has no knowledge Rob is screwing her funny her……

To Be Continued…

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