Must Read: The Day I Lost Control (Intimate) 18+… Part 2

?Written By FreshestManny… 

One day I went shopping with my little girl in one of the very popular shopping malls in my city, just some groceries and some extra lady stuffs, nothing much and then I saw him; the guy or should I rather say, the young man who made me lose control. I don’t know what happened but on sighting him, the wind stopped, the lights in the store turned to club lights, my breath seized and when he turned and our eyes met, he gave a smile which made me weak in the knees I had to hold the trolley firmly for support. “O gawd, he must be from another planet” I thought to myself. I tried to force myself to turn away but my body wasn’t obeying the commands my brain was giving to it. “Turn away” I commanded my body under my breath when I couldn’t take the staring any longer. Finally my body obeyed the command and I was able to turn away while trying to pick up more things displayed on the shelves but I couldn’t concentrate as I kept thinking about the young man I saw. He couldn’t be more than 24 years of age; handsome as Bleep, his height should be 6feet and a couple of inches tall, great athletic body, o gawd and that smile, really a killer. These thoughts opened up flood gates of arousal I never knew I still had in me, I got soaked as a carpool and I could literally hear the slight squishing sounds emanating from my nether regions while I walked. I even forgot about the existence of my daughter momentarily may she forgive me. 
My body was moving on autopilot as I had no control anymore and suddenly I bumped into someone. “Can’t you look at_” I never got to complete that sentence as I stood face to face with my boy crush, my mouth remained open but the remaining words refused to flow out again. I actually felt how a dumb person may feel. “Hi there, sorry I didn’t see you” he said with confidence and finishing the statement with that killer smile “o gawd why did you create some people this perfect?” I asked in my heart. I was basking in the glory of the smile before I was woken from my reverie by a slight shake from him “a penny for your thoughts” he said laughing. The way his voice flowed out from his lips like velvet. “I-its n-n-no prob-problem” OMG I really felt like a fool. When did I stammering? God he must think low of me. “Mummy, are you sick?” my little angel asked me from her comfortable perch in the trolley; o, if only she knew…, her mother is suffering from what I can call “HornyatFirstSightosis.”

To Be Continued… 

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Updated: Dec 27, 2016 — 7:37 pm

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