Must Read: The Devil Has The Money… Part 18


A story written by Gaglo Blessing (…

I gave Afine some money to buy ice blocks and some other necessary items needed to preserve Kofa’ s body at home. The preservation of body is usually done by an old woman who is no longer sexually active or a woman in her menopause. Despite what Kofa had done he was my buddy, we used to take strolls and discuss girls, we use to talk about our fantasizes late into the night. It was all my fault, i should have questioned him immediately Ama pointed out his weird behaviours to me. I would have saved two lives if only i had taken actions immediately. That stupid man ( Papa Ayi) had said my purpose in life is different! What exactly is my purpose in this cursed life! I went into Kofa’ s hut where his body was preserved with ice block. The room smelled foul, foul smelling water was dripping from his anus and manhood, a sign, which we believe in Togo that the person was a Lovepeddler or he or she had misused their body ( sexually) when they  were alive.

” Kofa, Kofa” i called softly.

His eyes flew open and i stood rooted to the ground in fright and shock but i continued ” Kofa i forgive  you”

His eye lids closed back. I couldn’t believe what just happened but i didn’t tell anyone,afterall, i was already a man and real men don’t let on that they were scared or they got spooked. His folks came to appease the gods with gins and a goat, i was certain  the priests would be jubilating in their shrine because of the goat. After the necessary sacrifice his parents were allowed  to take his corpse away for burial.

Pam cried very night, she refused to eat and became as thin as a straw, she kept Ama and i awake every night. I came home from the market where i had gone to labour one evening  and i stood back in shock.

” Nma!”

Her apparition hovered over Pam that was sleeping. It was not uncommon for dead souls to come back trying to steal their loved ones. Why is Nma trying to take Pam away? ”

” Nma Please leave her alone, i will take good care of her” i said. ” Please”

She vanished into thin air. She must have perceived Pam’ s unhappiness,  i made a vow there and then to always treat Pam like a royalty. I became restless as the months slowly progressed, how will i conquer the world with the proceeds of carrying sacks of rice at the market, no honest job could give me what i want. Time to go in search of the devil, but why won’t he come look for me? i knew my days in my little home Town were numbered but what do i do with Ama and Pam? who will take care of them in my absence? do i take them with me on my quest to seek for the Devil? all these questions kept me awake every night. I lost my appetite for food, smiling became a thing of the past, Ama is now one eyed, Pam is still in beginners class, there was no one to care for them while am gone, i don’t even know where to find the Devil. One night i made my decisions and finally i was at peace again.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Sep 27, 2016 — 8:31 pm

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