Must Read: The Devil Has The Money… Part 19


A story written by Gaglo Blessing (…

My sparse belongings were  neatly folded into a small blue and white check bag ( Ghana_must go bag) it is now or never, i had explained everything to Ama and Pam, that i was going to Lome ( Capital city) in search of greener pastures. Before i had the ‘ talk’ with Ama, i had already spoken with Afine who agreed to look after them. I picked up my bag and came out of the hut. Pam was crying and clinging to me while Afine consoled her. I couldn’t find Ama in the compound.

” Do you know where Ama is? ”

” I haven’t seen her today.” Afine bent to take Pam into her arms”

” I really want to see her before i leave”

” Please don’t leave me behind bro” Pam cried pulling on my hands.

” Pam i will be back for you, soon ” i wiped away her tears.

She continued crying. I brought out some money and handed them to Afine.

” Am running late Navi ( Auntie). Please take good care of my sister, she is all i have left.”

” Kojo i swear on your mother’ s grave that i will keep her safe”

” Tell Ama i regret leaving without saying good bye to her. I promise to come for them soon ”
Pam’ s shril wail followed me all the way to the motor park. I saw her from afar, pacing up and down with a frown on her beautiful face. A bag, was at her feet. I closed the little distance between us.

” What are you doing here?”

” What does it seem to you? What took you so long?”

” Ama why are you here with your bag?”

” Kojo you ask too many questions! please let’s go board a bus already!” She placed her palm against her forehead” my head is pounding ”

” Ama you can’t go with me! I don’t even know where am heading to or how i will survive when i get there ”

” Good! All the more reasons why you need me! My brother gave me so money when he brought the letter for you that day”.

” Ama you have to go back home”

” Home?!” She spat out with disgust. ” Home where my father plucked out my eye? home where my mother got into a taxi never looking back even as i sobbed my heart out?! Have you forgotten that, that so called sweet home has been burnt to the ground! If you won’t take me with you, i will leave this cursed Town by myself!”

She picked up her bag and marched angrily to where Lome bus was. I ran after her. The bus filled  up quickly. I could see Albert’ s face, Mensah, Nma and Pam as the bus took us slowly to whatever fate that awaits us in Lome. I remembered the day Ama and i went to the field, she had looked so beautiful running in the open field with me, with no care in the world. Pam. I will surely come back for my darling little sister, i held on to the hope that Afine will keep her safe. Ama laid her head against my shoulder, my Ama. Am no longer going to let life dictate for me henceforth, i swore to myself that i would re_write my own destiny, i will decide whatever happens to me henceforth. I don’t know what plans the good lord has for me or what my purpose in life is but i do know this: I desire to be wealthy and i want to beat President Komla Amuzu so bad, nothing and no one will stop me now.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Sep 28, 2016 — 3:57 pm

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