Must Read: The Devil Has The Money… Part 21


A story written by Gaglo Blessing (…

” Take this” King held out his palm. A gold circle condom was in it.

We were resting on the cool beach sand after a fruitful day. Lion had snatched a white man ‘ s bag which had contained a laptop and some other valuables. I was lucky to pick three fat purses myself. It was few days to Christmas, there were so many rich tourists at the beach during this time because of the yuletide. This is the most productive time for any pick pocket worth his salt. I wondered how i would get some money across to Pam. I wondered if she was alright, if she was being taken care of. I considered bringing her to Lome, but the path which i now walk is not conducive for a little girl. I was getting tired of picking pockets when i could be rolling in my own money. Some days were rough for us, most of the purses and wallets we pick sometimes would either be empty or contain some miserable amount.

One day i picked an old lady ‘ s purse, i watched from afar. She wailed and dropped to the ground in anguish. We hadn’t eaten anything that day, Ama was also down with fever and the hotel was demanding that we pay up our bills. I Walked to her and handed back the purse. She thanked me profusely, explaining that her grand daughter ‘ s new inhaler was in the purse. She prayed for me and i left dejectedly. That night Ama suddenly became well, Lion and Tiger also snatched a whole bag filled with money and valuables. Who said there is no God?

”  Why are you giving it to me?” the condom which he held out to me was in one of the purses we had picked earlier that day.

” It is time for you become a man” He said.

” Who said i am not a man?” I scoffed.

” You are not a man until you have laid with a woman! ” King said proudly ” I can teach you all you need to know if you want”

I snatched it out of his hand ” What gives? ” i asked the proud fool.

” It is obvious Frere ( bro). The way you look at Ama lustfully, how you stylisly adjust your trousers to hide your BIG Boss ( Manhood).” He laughed.

” What is taking Tiger and Lion so long?” I asked in a bid to change the topic.

” They must have gone to give their BIG BOSS some pleasure ” he laughed. ” Don’t worry about them, they own the streets”


That night i turned out the lights earlier than usual. I kissed Ama on the neck, her lips, and  she kissed me back. BIG BOSS was at attention now but i was so nervous. I brought out the condom from under the pillow where i had kept it. I tore it open and stared at it. I wished i had been attentive during biology classes. How do i wear this round rubber on my long BIG BoSS?

” Are you going to stare at it all night”?

I laughed nervously. ” Can’t you be romantic for once?”

” Sorry. If it will ease your mind, am nervous too. ”

I dropped the condom on the bed and resumed kissing and smooching her. I picked up the condom again, trying to decipher how it works. I got fed up and threw it on the floor. Slowly i eased myself into her until i felt her maiden head give way. She shivered and held me tight. I told her i was sorry if it hurts, i told her i loved her and will be with her till the end of time. Afterwards we laid entwined in peaceful bliss. Life sure has its good sides.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Sep 29, 2016 — 1:29 pm

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  1. Gosh i luv dis story..kip it up

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