Must Read: The Devil Has The Money… Part 29


A story written by Gaglo Blessing (…

Money truly makes the world go round, within six months i had purchased a big mansion in Ghana, my goods and brands were in every store. I am now moving in high societies, Mother’s sing their daughters praises whenever am in a place, i know their game too well. I have been arranging my boys underground, young and hungry boys who would help me bring the president down. I invested in so many business, loaned out huge amounts of money to many ministers and people who matters in the society. Within six months i had become a household name. Now i can go in search of my family, i only hope I will meet them in good health. Lion and Tiger are back in my lair. Those two are just too loyal.

I have gone to the Town under the sea six times so far, Allen had gone back to America but we kept in touch. I knew the secret password to the Town so i could go anytime i wanted. I still don’t know what was in the brief case but i no longer care. It was a bright sunny day, too bright a day to be watching Spartacus on my laptop. I decided to go grocery shopping, although i now have maids at my beck and call i love doing some things myself like driving and shopping.   I showered and pulled on my designers slacks and shirt. Allen had given me his Rolex watch as a gift before his departure.

I droved into the mall parking space blasting Kakie’ s song at top volume. I parked my baby as i like to call my sleek red Ferrari car, i felt all eyes on me as I got down. Will i ever get tired of the constant attention? I just so love it. I walked into the mall with ladies calling hi’s to me but I ignored them. I don’t like ladies, none of them could ever hold a candle to Ama. I don’t even do ladies anymore, i like them luscious and hot and ready to get down with no strings attached. I took a shopping cart at the entrance of shoprite and began my shopping. I picked up a shaving kit in a navy blue pack. I saw a big assed lady backing me perusing through the row of toiletries. I stared at the shaving kit in my hand and felt foolish. I couldn’t read what was written on it. Damn! It was in English.

” Hello Ma’am, I forgot my reading glasses at home please could you help me read this?” I called to the lady backing me. She turned around and I frozed in shock.

” Pam!”

She walked up to me smiling. She took the pack from my frozen fingers.

” Sure. Its a PACs shaving kit for men.  Made in Italy”

” Pam”

” Pardon? am Chantelle ” She extend her manicured beautiful hand towards me.

” Kojo” I shook her soft feminine hands. She looked like a beautiful doll with her big bosoms, flat tummy and tiny waist.How could such a tiny waist support that massive a$$. She reminded me so much of Pam. Her big brown eyes, her love shaped lips. I tried to imagine what a grown up Pam would look like. I was sure she would look exactly like this angel in front of me. She made to leave and i quickly thought of what to say.

” Chantelle i got carried away watching Spartacus so i missed breakfast. Am sort of famished now, mind having an early lunch with me?”

She laughed. Pam. This must be Pam i thought.

” That’s quiet a line mister, i love Spartacus too but have not seen the new season. I will agree to lunch if you promise to tell me how the season 2 is.”

” Alright Ma’ am. ”

We strolled to the cashier and i covered her bills. I carried both our shopping bags while she protested but i wasn’t about to let a lady carry a heavy bag while i was present. We went to a chic Chinese restaurant in the mall. We placed our order, nursing cold flutes of white wine while waiting.

”  So you are a kind of guy who eats Chinese for lunch?” She asked.

I couldn’t help laughing. ” Yea, what do you eat for lunch?”

She smiled revealing a set of perfect white teeth ”  I eat whatever i could lay my hands on”

” Interesting. Tell me something weird about Chantelle…..” I trailed of.

” John. Chantelle John. Hmmn something weird you say, i love to dip cookies in my tea. How about you?”

We both laughed. It has been long that i have had a reason to laugh.

” I love to visit the beach at night”

She laughed and sipped her wine. ” So tell me what do you want from me?”

I like that. This babe does not play silly women games. ” Friendship”

She momentarily looked shocked but covered it up with a false cough.

” Hmmn, have never had a male friend before”

” Glad to be the first”.

Our lunch was placed in front of us, i watched her dig into the meal ravenously. Any other lady would have seem like a glutton but she looked so delectable eating with gusto and licking her lips. My heart fluttered and i felt butter flies in my tummy. Am a grown man for God’ s sake! This girl is doing something to my heart. I felt like enveloping her into my arms and never letting go.I felt drops of water on my face.

” You are staring” She said.

Jeez she had sprinkled water on me. ” Does it bother you? ”

” No it doesn’t, your meal is getting cold. What do you do friend?”

” Am an exporter.” I resumed eating my grilled lobster and stir fried noodles. ” How about you Channie?”.

She laughed. ” Channie? that’s a first, I am a 300 level economic student at uni Lome”

I  Frowned. ” Why are you not in school? ditching classes? that’s not good” i reprimanded her softly.

She looked down at her food.” You sound so much like my mother ”

” Promise me you will go back to school today. I can give you a lift to the border”.

She looked up sharply. ” Why do u care!”

” Because you are now my friends and friends look out for each other.”

We finished our lunch and i drove her back to her lodge where she picked up her belongings. Instead of dropping her at the border separating Ghana from Togo, i drove her to her school. She rejected the money i offered her. She gave me a light peck on the cheek before alighting. I watched her slip into her school gate before i drove back to Ghana.

To Be Continued…

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