Must Read: The Devil Has The Money… Part 30


A story written by Gaglo Blessing (…

For the first time since i entered uni i attended classes and read my notes. Who is this Kojo? he makes me want to curb all my bad habits, he calls me every single day. I haven’t attended a single party since he dropped me off at school last week. I couldn’t help falling for him, he is loving and caring. I love his deep masculine voice, his packs, oh his lips…

” Chantelle! Where is your head at girl? ”

I looked up and sighed. I decided to go home too at the end of the week, something i hadn’t done for a whole year. My mother stood in front of my room arms akimbo.She is a beautiful woman but she made the wrong choices in life and somehow i hold it against her for how i grew up. She has since quit ‘ working’  but somehow i just can’t seem to forgive her.

” What is it Mama?”

” Dinner is served” Mama said looking at me.

My  Blackberry rang and i jumped on my bed snatching up the phone.

” Hey” i said into the mouth piece. I waved mama away with my hand, Mama left without a word. 

“We are on break now, mind hosting me?”


Chantelle is coming to visit. I have never brought any girl home, i was a bit nervous about her coming. I had my housekeeper stock up my fridge, i ordered for cognacs and white wines. I felt like a boy again. I was so excited, i picked her up at Afloa motor pack and i drove down to my house in  Tema. She wore a long flowing gown that clung to her hour glass figure. She had on a long brunette brazilliain weave and her lips were rosy red.I still haven’t sorted out my feelings for her, yes she reminds me of Pam but this is not Pam. This is Chantelle John.

” You are unusually quiet”

” Sorry had a lot on my mind”  i said as i navigate my way through the roads.

” Want to talk about it?” She asked in a little voice.

I sighed. ” You remind me of my sister, her name is Pam. I miss her”

” Okay. Why don’t you call her or go see her?”

” Its a long story”.

We continued the rest of the three hours journey in silence until Chantelle turned on the car radio and began twisting in her seat.

I was in the bed room while she showered. She came out of the bathroom looking like she just stepped off the cover of a play boy magazine. She dropped her towel and stood in her glorious skin before me. Something weird happened then. My d* ck remained in it flaccid state in my trouser. I picked the towel and handed it back to her while she stared at me like i was an alien from outer space. I don’t understand it too. I left the room quietly shutting the door behind me. What the hell just happened? I placed my hand on my crotch, have i gone impotent?

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 4, 2016 — 3:57 pm

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