Must Read: The Devil Has The Money… Part 37


A story written by Gaglo Blessing (…

I don’t know how long i ran, my hair was disheveled, I looked like a mad woman but i kept running. I don’t know how i escaped from the inferno without a single burn and i  don’t know where am even running to. I rounded a corner and almost ran into a car. The car swerved dangerously and parked. My God! they have found me already. I stopped running, i know i couldn’t run for long without them catching up with me, a hand touched my shoulder and i screamed in fright. When i saw who the hand belonged to i collapsed in relief and fainted in his arms.


I couldn’t believe my luck.I would have ran her down if i hadn’t swerved in time. I kept checking her pulse to see if she was still alive. her heavy breathing comforted me, i don’t know what the future held for us but i was content. its not everyday a man finds out he has a beautiful twenty years old daughter. I carried her into my living room and stopped short when i saw Mara standing in an angelic flowing gown.

” Who is that!” She screamed.

” Mara, honey, this is my daughter”

  She walked towards us in a slow sultry way like she was dancing a smooth dance with a lover. But her eyes were blood red. ” Take her back! i don’t want her here!”

” Sweet heart but you promised to….”

She let out a piercing scream and all the funitures in the room rose up into the air and came crashing with a heavy thud. The room started spinning and i fell to the floor with my daughter in my arms. Mara suddenly stopped screaming and the house went still.

”  We are one now, she can stay.” Mara said.

I got up on shaky legs and carried Chantelle to the guest room. She was burning up with fever. I don’t know how she had escaped from Don’ s claws but i was happy to have her with me. i borrowed her my PJ and shirt and spoon fed her. I watched my baby girl sleep with tears misting my eyes. No wonder she looked so much like Pam. Pam, another woman i had failed to protect.

” I burnt it down”

Mara had walked into the room without me knowing again.

” What did you burn sweetheart? ”

” Your enemy’ s lair”

” My enemy?. What do you mean?”

” You will find out soon enough” She glided out of the room again.

I sat down on the bed beside my daughter. She looked so beautiful. I pray Ama forgives me, it couldn’t have been easy raising up a child single handedly with no support.  how had she survived for the past 20 years? I know i have wrong Ama greatly.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 8, 2016 — 5:44 pm

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