Must Read: The Devil Has The Money… Part 40


A story written by Gaglo Blessing (…

Mara refused  to return the little girl, i begged and prodded until she eventually agreed to let Chantelle leave with the child when i said i would make love to her. Although i was scared of Don’ s men hunting Chantelle down i had no choice but to ask her to leave with the child. Mara is very dangerous and i didn’t want her to harm my daughter and niece. I told Chantelle to go to the nearest Police station and report Don. I also told her to tell them i kidnapped the little girl, else how would Chantelle say she came to have the baby with her. That night, Mara lay under me like a frozen fish while i made love to her. She felt very cold and i was afraid my manhood was going to get frozen. The very next morning, it was in the news that President Amuzu had been found dangling from his ceiling fan while his manhood had been slashed and tucked into his mouth. What a terrible way to die, i knew it was Mara’ s handwork but i didn’t feel sorry for him because he deserved it.

I saw my name on every news channels declaring me’ wanted for kidnapping’.  Mara has taken to being in the bathub all day,she said she was home sick. It has been a week since Chantelle had left with the little girl and i havent heard from her, i hoped my Chantelle was alright.

I thought i heard a knock on my door one evening. I got up to open it and my eyes watered. There stood Pam. My little Pam with Ama and Chantelle. Pam threw herself into my arms and we both wept. I led them into the house forgetting for a moment that Mara was still very much around.

”  My brother! i thought i would never see you again.” She sobbed.

” Pam. Am sorry, am sorry ” i sobbed like a baby.

We all sat down.

” How… how did you find Ama?” i asked.

” When i was notified that my baby had been found i wanted to see the brave young lady who rescued her and appreciate her. I got to her (Chantelle)’ s house and Ama opened the door. I thought….i thought… ” She bursts into tears.

I got down on my knees. I had wronged all the women in my life greatly. ” Am sorry, for everything”.

Ama lifted me up.” Maybe this is our fate Kojo, maybe all these was destined to happen.” Ama said. ” Chantelle go meet your father.”

I looked up in surprise. Chantelle flew into my arms and i hugged her tight crying. Chantelle placed her head against my cheeks crying.

” Father, Don has been arrested but he is in the intensive unit at the military hospital. He was burnt beyond recognition in that fire outbreak”.

I looked at Ama. She still didn’t know that Don is her brother.

A soft clapping sound sounded. We all looked up and saw Mara standing on the stairs clapping.

” Beautiful! what a glorious family reunion” Mara said.

I signalled to my family to get up and they did getting the message. Pam whispered into my ears that she will get help for me. Chantelle must have told them Mara had mystical powers. I wondered if anyone could save me from the claws of Mara. The ladies hurried out of the house like the devil was on their heels.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 10, 2016 — 2:30 pm

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