Must Read: The Devil Has The Money… Part 45


A story written by Gaglo Blessing (…

        A year later

A round of applause resonated in the beautifully decorated and lit hall as i was called by the MC to the poidum. My eyes scanned round the hall and settled on the front row.The front row was occupied by those dear to my heart, the first lady, Pam, now six months pregnant was glowing beautifully and full of smiles, seated beside her was his excellency the president of our great nation. Next was Chantelle, my beautiful daughter who had flown in from France where she had gone to continue her studies. Next was Ama, the vice president of my life changing foundation and Bibi the founder of ‘ How it all began’.

The only people absent were Mami and Npa(father) who insisted they were too old to be moved about. I have come a long way, from  a hungry and desperate boy to an inmate and now an author of the best selling book ‘ The Devil has the money’,  also the founder of  life Changing foundation and a motivational speaker.

The crowd continued clapping, so many of them held my book in their hands. The book with the help of the intelligent founder of ‘ how it all began’ was a huge success. It became one of the best selling author biography to sell millions of copies in a week! Our gathering today is to premier another life changing book written by me.

My heart swelled with happiness, there is truly fullness of joy in the presence of the lord. When you are for God, nothing and no one can battle with you and win. If not for God’ s mercy where would i have been? i remembered the herbalist i had gone to see when i was only fifteen. His words to me ” You have been called unto a greater path, your purpose in life is not this way”. It might take long but it will be worth it in the end. There is truly no gain or fulfilment in quick riches. How i wish my beautiful Nma and Efo Albert were here to witness this day. I know they were both happy for me and it was truly time to let go of the past.

” Good evening ladies and gentleman, please stand up for the national anthem” i said into the mic.


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