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A Story written by Slickest…

Magic is just a fiction, an illusion of what is not, I never wondered where the blood on the wall came from, I thought it was  all supernatural, but my bubble was punctured when I saw the source of the red ink. I was a bit perplexed and disgusted at the sight before me that I had to react to the stimuli of vomiting, I ran to my little square shaped toilet with my hand covering my mouth, I held the toilet seat awaiting what I was about to regurgitate but all that dashed out was my watery saliva. I stood up leaning on the wall with my eyes closed, I breathed heavily as sweat rolled down my neck, I opened my eyes facing the ceiling, then the idea came… there was an opening in my ceiling, sometime ago I packed stuffs I don’t make use of but might come in handy and dumped them in there…”I can just put the bodies in there ….” I thought.

I went back to my room believing I can’t be disgusted twice, since I have seen it once I should be able to pull myself together, I stood at my room entrance which was a total mess, the whole floor was filled with coagulated blood from my cousins body, his stomach was ripped to pieces by only God knows what, his intestine was all over the place like a primitive telephone wire. I took courage to get close as I tiptoed in to the coagulated blood, Mama Sunday laid fresh and white on my bed while Eugene’s lifeless body laid tattered with some parts of him ripped open, I thought of how I was going to get them in to the ceiling all by myself without a ladder or any climbing aid.

Being a proactive and quick thinker, I grabbed a rope I usually fix whenever I need to spread my clothes outside, I had the perfect idea on how to get the bodies up into the ceiling, but first I had to get rid of Eugene’s intestine and clotted blood that painted the ground. I dragged Eugene’s body to a clean arena in the room close to my bed, with my bare hands I grabbed the intestine and dumped it in a plastic, I made sure there were no remains of Eugene’s parts laying around the room before I proceeded to the toilet to flush it down . I got my rope ready as I moved each body to the toilet, I got my stool to serve as an aid in climbing in to the ceiling.

I tied the rope on Eugene’s neck and held on it as I climbed slowly in to the ceiling, I pulled him with the rope as I watched him dangle in the air, I heard clicks from his neck as I kept pulling with all the energy I had,his opened stomach emitted other organs from his body as his tightened neck tore at every pull I took, I made sure my processes were stealth so as not to give any suspicious impression in the morning. I grabbed Eugene by his belt to raise him in to the ceiling which in the process broke one of his arm, I got him in to the ceiling eventually and proceeded to Mama sunday whose absence had caused so much confusion. I took to the same routine I used in getting Eugene in to the ceiling for Mama Sunday, she obviously weighed heavier than Eugene because of her plump structure, it took me more time and re-adjustments of some cooked up logistics to get her in to the ceiling, I performed my anti decaying exercise on them both but was left with Eugene’s gore tear on his stomach, I knew that would speed up his decomposition which will cause an unbearable upset in the world of smell. I had no other option but to cover his opened belly with his own shirt, I made sure it was tight and hoped it doesn’t get exposed to flies which might be the beginning of suspicious inquisition, I came down and covered the ceiling with the plywood material so as to make sure there was uniformity in the ceiling appearance, I made sure the only opening was closed. 

I came down from the ceiling breathing heavily, I knew I had already done the most difficult part of the job, what was left was the cleaning of blood dots and stains all over the place which I cleaned and mopped in no time. My apartment was good as new after I had gone through so much to get it done, no one would ever suspect anything went down in here talkless having two corpses in my ceiling, I went back to my room to get relaxed but sleep was far fetched, I couldn’t sleep because the thought of having left a dead woman on my bed for over ten hours made me uncomfortable, I went back 2d sitting room to take a short nap on my couch since dawn is almost knocking, in no time I dozed off forgetting I was ever in any troubled situation…nature always does have its ways.

I found it hard 2 see a thing due to the darkness, there was no brisk of light from any where despite my drawn curtains, it appeared the moon was also on vacation, I didn’t even know the part  of my sitting room I was seated, I stood up to reach for my phone I placed beside an extension socket where I left it to charge, I knelt down and groped the area till my hand stumbled on it, I picked it up and turned it on, the battery was full and it gave me joy that at least I wouldn’t need to look for candles or a match box, I selected the torch option in the phone and clicked the on option, there was a bit of brightness while my eyes were still placed on the screen as I sat comfortably on the ground, I pressed the red button so it could take me back to the home area of my phone which it did, I pointed my phone forward with the light shining in that direction….but it was obstructed by two legs in soccer boots, the legs stood in front of me without moving, I trembled with fear as I could not shout nor run, I just sat like I was being cornered for a crime, with my shaky hands I traced the legs with my torch slowly back to the head….Kako was looking straight at me in the eye, he looked like he just took his bath in dust, his hands were soaked in blood as it dripped to the ground. Involuntarily I crawled backwards with my torch in my hand, I looked there the second time and he was gone, my heart banged like it had never done before as I pointed my torch randomly with in the range I could see. I sat there for seconds till I noticed a consistent touch from a cloth material behind me, it touched my head and back like the wind was blowing it…..quickly I turned back pointing my torch…..the figure in white stood right there looking at me, I had to scream at the top of my voice but no one came to my aid, I stood up and ran to the main entrance door, I tried opening it but it looked stuck, I turned back breathing heavily and sweating as I kept shouting for help, I shone my torch around the house but there was no one, I kept trying to get the door opened but it looked like a waste of time.

Suddenly, a halting knock came from my kitchen, a soft voice also murmured indistinctly, that was the only passage out of the house since the front door appeared jammed, I tiptoed slowly towards the kitchen asking who was in there, only the whispering voice replied without me picking a word she said, it sounded like a she ….a she’s voice that sounded really familiar. I slowly approached the kitchen door as the knocking intensified, I held the door handle and pushed down slowly to open, I asked who it was again but there was no reply this time….I slowly opened the door and pointed my torch at the other end of the kitchen…there was an unclad lady facing the door and backing me, she looked so much like mama Sunday (as a matter of fact, it was mama Sunday), she stood knocking at the door not minding me, I stood confused and scared as she turned around and approached me at the speed of light……

I woke up on my couch as I sweated furiously, I looked at the clock and it was some minutes past eight in the morning….suddenly there was a loud knock that came from the kitchen…….

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 26, 2016 — 8:24 pm

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