Must Read: The Diary… Part 11


A Story written by Slickest…

A dream is a series of images and feelings occurring in the mind during sleep, so definitely all I saw in my sleep wasn’t real, the knock on the door is just a coincidental situation. I stood up and asked who it was but no reply followed, there is so much bravery brightness brings to a being, darkness plants fear while light uproots it; I was scared but not as I was at dusk, I went to the kitchen but it was obvious the knock came from outside my kitchen, definitely it was one of my neighbours who can’t just sit put in his/her apartment, but deep with in me I prayed it wasn’t Uche because all he does is to bug my already miserable existence, I opened the door and it was Papa Amaka who is also one of the residents in  my compound.

Papa Amaka is a thin tall man in his mid 50s, he still looks agile as he sometimes play football with the community youths on a school pitch a stone throw away from our house, he is a die hard arsenal fan which sometimes gets on my nerve whenever he engages in an argument, I wish I could tell him to channel his passion for football to success, I am very sure he would be one of the richest in this community if not this city. He’s blessed with four children in which his first child was from another woman, he’s a perpetual trouble maker in the compound and no one dares to get in to his trouble because he has it triple, its like the gene has been passed to his children who also enjoy beating up their friends in school, we settle parental disputes almost everyday between his family and others.

Papa Amaka’s first child is called Amaka, I was told she claimed the local champion before I moved here, me being an international underdog I found my way in cajoling a mere local champion in to a few minutes of intimacy, as a village girl she succumbed after I took her on a treat worth a thousand five hundred naira, she has a Sekxy behind and two killing fore pointers, I had the best of them both and will love to explore one more time but at this crazy moment I don’t think that flare is what I should be having. Presently she’s a graduate of a federal polytechnic here in Asaba, she goes with her mother to the shop on the daily due to the unemployment menace that roams the country.

I asked Papa Amaka what the problem was, and why he has decided to be the one to wake me up, he replied saying there was an important and delicate issue he wanted to discuss with me, I gave him my utmost attention by stepping outside. He started saying ” my brother…I no sleep through out yesterday night…..”, I was shocked at the statement he made because I thought I was the only one who had a sleepless night, all I prayed for was that he doesn’t complain of any strange movements, he continued his explanation “….e get one thing wey I don dey see for some weeks now wey dey fear me, I never wan shout am make I no spoil business for landlord na why I com meet you since na d kind work wey you dey do be dat….be like dat tin na ghost abi na spirit ena dey call am, I salute you ooo, u get mind….me and my wife see you yesterday night wen you go fetch woter for well, I see as you just pass him side like say you no even see am, you no even fear…d tin be say dat man wey wear white don die, before you reach here na I’m I’m die, we just wake up one morning see hin dead body for front of our compound, na police con carry I’m body oooo, bcos nobody fit touch am. See hen, na dat man I don dey see for some few weeks now and e dey make me dey fear ooo becos I still dey owe rent and I no fit pack out….so abeg help us do something on d issue….” he concluded.

I looked at him but hid the surprise on my face, I replied him saying “…well, you see, after so much study on the paranormal realm, it is very normal for me to stay bold in their presence because I can understand the reason for their unrest, my study about them in the university exposed me more to the theoretical aspect of their behavioural reaction, the synchronisation of they and the normal realm is what we still trying to figure out, do you understand…..”, he nodded but it was obvious he didn’t understand which intentionally was my motive, he insisted I did something about it before things gets out of hand, I told him to be relaxed…I told him I’ll work on it and surely the figure in white will be a thing of the past while seriously my last hope is reaching Baba on the out skirt for yet another perfume.

Papa Amaka left and told me to update him on any latest development on the issue, I nodded in acknowledgement and thanked God he didn’t raise another topic so we could gossip about it. I turned back and proceeded inside through my kitchen entrance, I shut the door and reached for a cup on the cabinet to get water from the bucket I reserved, I got a cup filled with water and moved closer to the kitchen zinc, I washed my face thoroughly and cleaned it with the napkin I hung on one of the cabinet door, I threw the cup back in to the reserved bucket I sat in one corner of the kitchen. I dragged my self in the direction of the sitting room when suddenly I saw my phone laying in front of my kitchen.

My phone laid on the ground at the entrance of my kitchen with its torch still on, its back cover was off and was a little farther from the phone like it fell on the ground, I wondered what might have removed it from its charging space in my sitting room where I left it. I picked up my phone and walked in to the sitting room, I intended going to where my phone was plugged but what I saw made it an intention because I had to stop, I was so confused I didn’t even pay any attention to the siren blowing outside. I stood inches away from the extension where my phone was supposed to be charging, the were dots of blood opposite each other on the ground like some one intentionally dropped it there, flashes of Kako standing with his hands dripping off blood intervened in my head.

The continuous sound of the siren in our compound snapped me back to reality from my world of thoughts, I ran to the kitchen to quickly get some water and a piece of rag to get the blood cleaned and mopped so I don’t get arrested before being charged guilty. I dashed to my room and got my self in to one of my white shirts, I could hear the aggressive rant of the fearful Nigerian police as they turned off the siren and shut the doors to their rickety vehicles, I stood in my room scrutinising for any implicating evidence but……I was shocked when I saw my cousin’s packed bag indicating I have a stranger in the house, Mama Sunday’s bag sat beside Eugene’s bag, and the flashy nurse shoe also waved at me from a corner beside my cupboard, I was totally cold and confused……….I didn’t know what to do….I was confused and weak…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 27, 2016 — 3:17 pm

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