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Must Read: The Diary… Part 14


A Story written by Slickest…

I shook my head from where I stood with uncalled tears rolling down my eyes, “WHY..?” Was all I could say at the sight that stared at me like the word truth, my legs shook but was strong enough to keep me standing, I felt my left eye twitch because I couldn’t believe what was going on. I took a step closer to get a better view(which I already have) of the unbelievable picture that stood in front of me, deeper and messier it gets as the second ticked round the clock, the disbelief in my eyes brought thoughts of emptiness and confusion in to my soul, now it is glaring that am in a situation that I don’t believe even God would answer my prayers… am on my own.

I still didn’t believe I was looking at Onome’s lifeless body, she sat right there in her own blood with her back rested on the cupboard, her tummy was ripped open with her intestine and her tongue stabbed  to the top of the cupboard, her tongue was held hanging with  the knife on the cupboard and her intestine wrapped around the knife, no wonder she couldn’t even shout or make a sound,  blood dropped from both her tongue and intestine on her head where she was seated. Her phone didn’t stop ringing which was right there in her pocket, I needed to switch off the phone so as not to attract any attention, I got close to her and reached for the phone in her pocket, it was her mother calling but I did not wait for it to ring again before I switched it off.

I removed the battery and put it in her back pocket while I stuffed the empty phone in her side pocket, I removed my boxers to make sure I was unclad so I don’t throw away any blood stained shirt which might bring suspicions, I lifted her and put her on my shoulder and to the toilet I headed, I picked the stool on my way and dropped it when I got to the toilet, I already had a process so I didn’t waste too much time getting her in there, I nailed the part of the ceiling I removed after I threw her intestine and tongue in, I mopped the room and every other part where her blood stained . She never knew my ceiling would be a temporary if not her permanent place of rest, she never got to tell me what she wanted to, she said we needed to talk about something but only God knows what made it impossible.

I cried silently where I sat in the sitting not because she died in my house but because it was today I wanted to propose to her even if I had no ring yet,I wanted to prove her family wrong who thought I was joking around with her. Recently I noticed there was a big difference between like and love, I thought I liked her and that I was going to dump her sooner or later, but I realised I had fallen deeply in love with her, whenever she’s  around., I forget my sorrows, it might not be totally but that moment she’s with me is always a moment to let go, I have grown fund of her so much that I always want to touch her even when I don’t. Nature reciprocated our love because whenever she was in my arms I saw love in her eyes, she’ll always call to make sure I was okay, she finds time from her busy schedule to bring me food even when I don’t request….I can’t believe she’s gone.

I reminisced on my couch as I tasted my salty tears, I was so sad I was angry I could stand any cursed ghost without being scared, I couldn’t hold the tears back as it rolled down like a water fall, suddenly there was a hard bang on my front door, quickly I stood up and got in to my clothes, I wiped my tears and lowered my eyelashes to have a sleepy look since my eyes were red due to me crying, I carried the food Onome brought and took it to the kitchen in a rush, I hid it in one of the cupboards to be on a saver side because I might never know what might be sighted by an anonymous person as an evidence. I approached the door and sniffed my nose to make my acting believable, I opened the door and it was Onome’s senior sister, she had a fierce look on her face like we were enemies.

Literally we are worst enemies, she hates so much that she told it to my face once, she told me she’ll never allow her junior sister marry a fake like me, Onome told me once that her sister was ready to do anything to break us apart, I never knew what I did to her to get the glaring ill treatment from her. I asked her what she wanted with the door not completely opened, “where’s Onome?…” She asked aggressively without any greeting, “she’s not here…” I replied sluggishly, “can’t you see you just woke me from my sleep” I continued, she hissed and shouted Onome’s name from outside, I had to let her in so she doesn’t attract any external body because she was totally willing and ready to create a scene.

I removed my phone from my pocket as I closed the door to delete Onome from my  received calls list, I put it back in my pocket nd raised my head to look at Nnenna who had already gone into my room in search of her sister, she called Onome’s name as she walked on the paseo to my kitchen, I told her again her sister wasn’t in my house and that I haven’t seen her today, she stopped all of a sudden, turned around and looked straight in to my eyes, ” where is my sister?…what have you done to her?… Hope you have not given her something to eat because she’s pregnant for you, cos I know you are one irresponsible boy….I know she’s in here…where’s my sister?” She shouted, I followed where her hand was pointing as she spoke which was  Onome’s slippers, it was properly placed at the back of my chair, no wonder she spoke with so much confirmation.

At that moment I didn’t know what to say or how to defend myself, or what kind of person would walk bare footed or forget her slippers?, I stayed mute for seconds with so much surprise sparking all over my face, “where is my sister?…” She asked again in a much more demanding tone, I moved close to her slowly like I wanted to tell her something and I didn’t want to say it loud, she stood there without moving a muscle like she wanted to fight me, quickly I grabbed her by the head and smashed it on the wall, it was unexpected on her part as she unlaxed with her eyes blinking rapidly, I hit it one more time and her blood splashed on the walls and on me, she found it hard to breathe as I hit it one more time on the wall, I hit it hard again and again and again till she fell to the ground.

My hand was soaked in blood as I watched Nnenna’s fingers twitch the last life in them, her skull was broken to the extent some creamy particles mixed the blood that gushed out from her head, she was dead for sure and I could do was just laugh, I laughed so loud I began to cry, tears of regret rolled down my eyes as I stretched forth my hand filled with blood, I saw the hand of a killer, a murderer who killed someone in cold blood, no wonder she never liked me, no wonder that hatred  steam for me oozed out for her and she made it obvious. I sat on the ground caring less if someone would barge in, I cried like a baby caring less if I was shouting, I looked at her corpse and thought to myself “two dead people in one day…..two dead sisters in one day…four dead bodies in my house…”

To Be Continued…

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Posted by on Oct 28, 2016.

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  1. Shoooo!!!. Ghost dey torment u bro! Abeg quickly wake up 4rm ur nightmere! It getting 2w much

    by Isreal puljan on Oct 29, 2016 at 7:39 am Reply

  2. this one don scatter oooo
    you better talk say na dream

    abi na only u waka come

    by jamal on Oct 31, 2016 at 7:59 am Reply

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