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A Story written by Slickest…

Agitation is a state of worry, a state of personal disturbance, a moment when the only choice left is to wait with the heart at the edge, its not about hearing an expected answer but just getting a feedback so an early death of expectation doesn’t occur. Patience has its peak, and its not called that when its reached, patience brings the slap of a tapping feet  and an uncontrollable heart beat when there are too many protocols or procedures to be followed, not relatively being inquisitive on the part of those expecting but an outcome should worth the wait. Expectation was the depiction of the silence that took over the atmosphere in my compound, we all paid attention like it was a due owed, all eyes focused on Baba Odika like he wanted to determine the fate of planet earth. Baba Odika kept quiet as he looked around the compound like he was seeing something or a sort of spiritual communication, people only showed interest in what he was about to reveal. There was a sudden change in his facial expression, he acted like there was a breaking news and he was really unaware, but still not a word escaped from his mouth, I prayed loss of patience should ravage but the crowd I saw was ready to spend another one hour if that would guarantee the exposure of the concealed truth. We all watched Odika with hopes of different meanings because I was very sure what I hoped for was totally different from everybody else’s.

At last he was ready to speak after many minutes of anticipation, Odika shouted “I feel souls….angry souls…angered at their shortened journey…angered at their state and place of rest…they try to speak but I cannot hear….I cannot see them because there are no bodies…they cry like they are in bondage…I feel anger…I feel betrayal…I feel pain…I feel vengeance…I feel hatred…who is responsible for this?..” Baba Odika asked as he stared us all in the eye, he began to laugh when there was no reply from any of us, for the first time Baba Odika has failed, there grumbling crowd turned their back and walked away, they all knew there was nothing else to be revealed, Odika wore a disappointed look feeling he had failed most of his fans, he looked at Papa Sunday saying “don’t worry my brother, even those who never bargained will suffer”…

Baba Odika’s last statement got me a little confused but I didn’t let that bother me, I felt it was just an empty threat to make up for his inability, I complained a little about the whole drama and how it wasted my precious time, Papa Sunday apologised but I ignored him leaving Baba Odika behind with the rest of my neighbours. I quickly got myself prepared so I could go to the outskirt to get the usual, I got some water, took my bathe and and got all dressed up, I picked up my wallet and sprayed Eugene’s deodorant all over my body, I cleaned my palm slippers and got in it quickly. I got a glimpse of my precious diary in the sitting on my way out and it reminded me of my routine which quickly I picked my pen and walked outside my apartment so I could take some fresh air as I record.

I got on a bus to the outskirt and eventually arrived at Baba’s place, the sun was already setting giving way for the premature darkness, I greeted Baba and went straight to the point, he was already getting ready to go home which made him also cooperated not to waste any time, I waited outside like I always do and watched cars sped off the tarred road, it got darker but Baba still didn’t come out of his chamber with the perfume, I called out his name but there was no response. I complained bitterly from where I stood in a very loud tone so he could know I still had to travel  30minutes back home, my complains yielded no response from Baba which prompted me to make a move, “for how long am I going to stand here now….if its finished let me know ooo Baba, ma journey still long…”

Silence was all I got from Baba, I decided to go into Baba’s inner chamber which looked small from the outside, it was a little wider inside but there was barely light to aid my vision, I switched the torch on my phone on and called out to Baba in his haphazard store where his stock is, I pointed my phone sporadically around the stuffy room but I suddenly saw someone run in to a corner which I suspected there was a door, “..hello..” I whispered but there was no response, I called Baba but the same stillness replied. I walked forward towards the corner so I could tell Baba to snap out of his childish joke, I got to the corner and looked left…all I saw was Baba layin on his chest with his torsos pulled down to his laps, his buttock was filled with syringes stabbed in it, the whole ground was filled his blood as it still was flowing like it was done few seconds ago. My hands shook as I quickly searched around for a door which the culprit must have escaped from, the wall was all I stared at as there was only one door in the store which happened to be the one I came in through, quickly I found my way back to the entrance so I don’t get caught and be accused of murder. I rushed to the entrance as I was totally covered in sweat, I was about going out when a female altered my name from the other end of the store, I stopped and looked back raising my torch slowly towards the caller… Mama Sunday stood with two syringes in her hands , there was a big hole on  her chest where her heart was supposed to be, she wore her nurse uniform but some parts were stained with blood, her skin was cracked as she whispered wildly with slimy blood dropping from her mouth, she had a very fierce look on her face which made it a little hard for me to recognise her but I did any way, she ran towards me but I didn’t wait for her to get to me before I took off. I ran as fast as I could as I looked back to see if she was really coming after me, she never came out of the store but that was not a red light capable of halting me, I kept running on the dark road waving every vehicle that passed by… Adrenaline kept pumping as my heels got strengthened to take me as far away from Baba’s place as possible….I could hear her scream from where I was but that didn’t stop my pace , I dashed by the side of the road waving at any vehicle that had it head light on…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 30, 2016 — 8:09 pm

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