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A Story written by Slickest…

6 Jan 2009

Finding it hard to sleep, my whole mind left occupied with the disturbing incident of late last night. Trying to ignore the fact the incident speaks is becoming disturbing, I’ll just put my mind at rest and inquire from my neighbours if they encountered or noticed any anomaly while I was away, am sure they did and its not something that should get me weary, probably someone tried to break in but wasn’t successful. I’ll just force myself to sleep, its for sure one of those stupid boys are trying to mess with me which I am not finding funny at all, if I catch any of them…

Been awake for over fifty minutes, reacted to the sound I heard that came from my sitting room. I woke up to ease myself but an odd sound caught my attention, it sounded like someone was jogging the ball from my sitting room, I reached for my torch and gently picked a stick close to where I laid my mattress (a stick from my wooden bed after I dismantled it), thoughts of giving whoever it was a shock of his life beclouded my sarcastic mind, I raised my curtain unveiling the sitting room but all I felt was a swift wind as if a car passed by, my windows were closed but the breeze was so intense that it dragged the curtain off my hand. I groped my torch around the room with my eyes following its brisk, all I could hear was the sound of a bouncing ball that rolled towards me, quickly I shut the door and shone my torch all over the room. Now the intensity of my fear is reduced but am still baffled…at least I can write now

Was awake till morning which is the cause of my present severe head ache,just came back from my neighbour’s apartment who burst my bubble by telling me nobody came by and that they all were in door since it was a sunday but heard noise from my apartment though, they thought I it was me doing some cleaning and packing. Now I can’t seem to explain what is going on because I kind of don’t believe in ghosts…would need to relax…

I called Onome to please come over but buy some pain killers on her way, I need someone to be with or should I say someone to share my little problem with…ease me through this tensed period and get me back to my old self..

Onome just took her leave, she was of great help to me today, she came with the pain killers and also prepared a very good meal for me (yam, egg and fried stew), she also gave me the usual (her body)…I feel much better now and invigorated, her words of comfort and bravery makes me love her more, she is a wife material no doubt but her mother is one iron lady who loves her business more than anything in the world, Onome is an aid at her shop and I don’t think she’s ready to let her go let alone get married…Onome gave a solution to my simple problem telling me to put my self on a safe side by using my own special ingredient and stop turning away from the reality of ghosts existence, I can still quote her in her own words,  “don’t risk your life by not believing in ghosts…why you go study am for school if they no real…..”
This is becoming deep, I need to do something about it for real….need to reach the old man on the outskirts, I need that perfume again. Off to get credit…

Just got home, forgot my precious diary at home… I put a call through to the old man on the out skirt and he asked me to come over for the perfume tomorrow which I will…at least my house is intact, met it the way I left it…no light again, PHCN and darkness… Will need to charge my phone in my neighbour’s place…

Back inside, had no luck at Papa Sunday’s place, they couldn’t get fuel for their noisy generator, will end up paying to charge….off to the junction…

Sitting with my pen held with my fingers writing this, my phone charging amongst other phones, the noise all around the market brings life to me…
Watching some La-liga matches…
I have been listening to the conversation between these guys beside me and it sort of like annoys me, in this 21st century some ignoramus still believe in ghosts, its so disheartening. The older one talks about his dead sister haunting their home and making horrible noise at midnight….sick duo…plan on leaving at eleven…

I won’t lie, I got home with my heart in my mouth and my legs shaking like a new born calf…I was done charging at about some minutes to ten because of my heavy eyes, thought of getting a bike to take me home but it was dead late around that time, all shops were closed and the only shop opened was that where we were getting our phones charged. I got up quickly and wanted to leave before the vigilante in ma area starts blowing his whistle or I get mistaken for a robber. I paid the man in charge and fared the two ignoramus well, I crossed  to the other side of the road where the only sound that echoed was the generator from where I was coming from, I forged towards the road that leads to my house. Darkness was at its pinnacle and its presence struck fear like a match, I looked beyond and the perspective spoke silence.
I took courage and spoke to myself in depth, there is no such things as ghosts and spirits so what else exists that is capable of scaring a complete man like me, these words gave me an armour of bravery but the truth is that I spoke to myself which was like writing my self a story.
I looked straight and darkness stared me in the eye, I moved forward as fast as I could and then I saw this figure in white far in front of me, it appeared like it was moving….walking towards me, I slowed down a bit to catch a good glimpse at it, I was sure it was walking because it drew closer after every step it took, I knocked my fear out by rooting some assumptions like “its just a man in white taking a walk home…”, with prayers that my assumptions should come out true.
I continued my walk towards the white covered figure that looked more like a HE with my eyes placed on it, suddenly it stopped after it tilted its movement to the side of the road like it gave way for something to pass through, in response to its halt I also stopped with my heart racing faster not knowing what to do, it was obvious it was looking straight at me as it stationed itself on the side of the road. I stood for few seconds with thoughts of what to do, I couldn’t turn back because that was the only entrance that leads to my compound, without a choice I walked towards the thing in white with so much heat running through my pores and spine, I increased my pace but didn’t want to run so I wouldn’t show how scared I was. I was finally came face to face with it which was obviously a man, his mouth was torn on both sides of his cheek which I couldn’t see its end, it looked like a fresh injury which was really capable of killing him, the scariest sight was the hole on his fore head, it was perfectly round cutting through his head, I saw through the hole on his head while he turned as I passed by him in a hurry….”Help me….” He said, but I didn’t wait to hear the conclusion, I made my heels do the rest as I sped off towards my compound which sat metres away.
As the breeze blew through my ears as a result of my unstoppable momentum, I turned my neck back to see if the man in white was still there, to my surprise …he had his looks towards me and also resumed his movement but this time towards where I ran. I increased my speed and dashed in to the compound, ran to my apartment and reached for my keys, I kept my eyes on the untarred road praying nothing appears, I got my lock opened just then the man in white was standing at the centre of my compound, I rushed inside and locked the door breathing heavily….
I just rested so I could be able to hold my pen and record this in my diary, everything seems normal now, would stay awake a little so my heart can beat at a stable rate, was so scared tonight…

7th Jan 2009

This is getting deep, hours ago after I dropped my pen to take a bath so I could ease my self of the tense situation, some events unfolded again…events that are beginning to bring my nightmare to reality, now am not writing this just for fun but for the purpose of record keeping, something might happen to me….

To Be Continued…

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