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9th Jan 2009

08: 00
Its another beautiful morning, a good one for those who have been strengthened for today’s hustle, a morning of hope for those in search of greener pastures, a fulfilling morning for those who have worked hard and enjoying the dividends of their hard work, the last working day or probably learning day for the week for students who are already eager to return home, the early opening of the school gates on a friday gives students the more reason the go to school so they could return early and embark on the only thing rewarding to them, play. You don’t need to be told when you see men or women who on the first four days of the week stroll to work like they are the employers and stay at home on a friday to roam around  or stay in their compounds chewing a stick and spitting every minute, one doesn’t need to inquire from them or any one before knowing they are either federal or state employees.

Neither the date nor the day troubles me,the certainty that unexpected  events are bound to happen is all I expect, a change of date doesn’t mean I am going to have a day off from fear, my living nightmare is still very much around and am already at the edge with no solution what so ever in sight…I am doomed…Before the birds started chirping and the roosters started crowing, my night was a long one that seemed like it would never end, it was filled with fear and internal screams so I won’t be heard, I still don’t know which would be more rewarding because keeping quiet is definitely taking away my sanity, also confessing will only end up taking away my life. I am stuck in between death and fear, ghosts are after my life for silence I guess and humans will definitely kill if there’s any form of confession, forgiveness is not in their dictionary.

It appeared I was going to sit all night staring at little sunday in the eye, it was obvious sleep wasn’t  going to pay him any visit any time soon, his father was already fast asleep after his futile efforts towards calling little Sunday to bed, I started updating my precious diary as I glanced at Sunday after every sentence I wrote, he never took his eyes off me as he had no expression what so ever written on his face. Minutes passed as my ink lowered, Sunday was still very much around while I wrote as my eyes scrutinised the whole sitting room after putting down some sentences, everywhere seemed peaceful but I knew it wasn’t for long, I made use of the little time I had before the candle melts down.

I kept writing like my life was at stake which  unfortunately is, suddenly there were movements on the walls behind me, quickly I looked back so I don’t get stabbed all of a sudden, the movements sounded like something was in the walls, I got up and got close to the wall, I looked at Sunday who was still looking at me, I placed my palm on the wall to feel the movement that sounded like knocks. I looked at the wall like I could see through it, it was obvious the sound came from the other side of the wall which happened to be my apartment, I knew what was going on but not what was about to unfold, the knocks didn’t stop even when I got close, the dead of the night made it louder as I feared it was going to wake Papa Sunday.

I looked at little Sunday who was well seated with his eyes stationed at me wondering what I was up to, I panned back to the walls and felt the knocks any where I placed my palm, I joined the other palm and rubbed the walls in such a way my palms were apart, the knocks stayed positioned on each palm like two different people were responsible for it. “….what are you doing??…” Papa Sunday asked from his bed, I shook at his sudden question as I didn’t expect it, “…ahhh…hehehehe….you know….Sunday is finding it hard to sleep so I just decided to you know…not make him bored…you know …hehehe….Sunday oya see….!!!” I stuttered looking at Sunday who was clearly not amazed or humoured, I looked and felt stupid, I just hoped  Papa Sunday doesn’t suspect me going crazed.

The knocks from the walls didn’t stop even while Papa Sunday was awake, I doubt he heard because the sleep was still written all over his face, it didn’t take long before he went back to sleep, I paid attention to the wall which later revealed whispers, I heard voices coming from the other side of the wall, the voices were as if people whispered at the same time, it wasn’t clear but it was axiomatic someone or some people were rustling.
I was scared and didn’t know what next to do, things had already gone out of hand since it has gotten to extent of spiritual threat on my life, I was almost killed earlier if not for chance, and its still very certain that Mama Sunday will try again after her failed attempt earlier today

I got closer to the wall while it knocked, I put my ear close to it and tried listening closely, all I heard were faint voices coming back and forth, I could not pick a word from the multiple whispers, the knocks on the wall also hindered me hearing, I hopefully closed my eyes and concentrated with my ear gummed to the wall, there was still no difference as the knocks didn’t stop. I remained standing close to wall with my right ear glued as I waited to hear just a word; suddenly there was silence,the knocks stopped same did the voices, there was total hush that put me at alert to any sound most especially voice that could come up….suddenly” …YOU WILL DIIIIIIIIEEEEeeee…..” Was the next sentence I heard, it was a mixture of different voices but they all said the same thing in the same aggressive whispering voice, my ear heard it loud and clear and a prolonged whistle like sound pinched deep inside, quickly I scratched my ear to stop the pinching sound but it continued like a car horn, I took a step back to catch my breath when suddenly a hard loud knock hit the wall, dust puffed out like someone was trying to break in from the other side with a bulldozer, quickly turned around and went back to take a my seat right in front of my diary before Papa sunday catches me again in a queer position, my ear hurt but the best I could do was to scratch as I picked my pen.

I continued my writing as I monitored the candle which was already burning out, it looked like it could only last a few minutes more, I rushed my writing as I scratched my itching right ear, I remembered as events unfolded and I put them down quickly, I was on the last line when I calmed down to crack my fingers, I picked up my pen and concluded my recording on my diary, I closed it and yawned as my ear was still whistling but in a low tone, I put my palm on it and patted it if would be of any help, I dropped my pen and scratched my head, I stood up to adjust my belt as I looked at little sunday who had his eyes on me, I smiled to him and took my seat again, but there was something wrong… Little sunday didn’t look at me while on the seat anymore, he had eyes a little above my head, I could recall there was no picture nor calender on the plain wall, so at that moment I wondered what he was looking at, I slowly stood up and turned back to see what might have caught little Sunday’s attention….Onome and Nnenna stood beside each other, Onome was holding something that extended from her torn belly, what she held made sound like it was a baby, she smiled at me as blood dripped from her mouth, I couldnt look into her eyes as it was so dark I couldn’t see a thing even if I tried….Nnenna had an angry look on her face like she always had when she was alive but just that this time it was more fierce, part of her skull leaked blood as she opened her teeth like a dog that was about to bite, I turned around to look at little Sunday whom I believed wouldn’t understand what was going on….Sunday wasn’t looking towards me again, he looked at his mother who was seated right beside him, Mama Sunday looked at me with the syringe still in her hand, she groaned like she was in pain as she stood up, I looked back to check if Onome and Nnenna weren’t  getting closer but the candle waxed out leaving me in total darkness…….”OH NO..” was all I could whisper….

To Be Continued…

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