A Story written by Slickest…

My feet felt cold and my head got bigger, it expanding like it was going to burst with my brains scattered all over the room, it was a well known fact that when one is close to a ghost an inevitable feeling of a swollen head is what you get,its like it marks their presence or say it calls for respect. I felt cold like I could ice a drink better than a freezer even while I could feel sweat roll down all over my skin, my heart beat increased to the level I thought this would be it, I already had the feeling that I was going to die but death is not a phenomenon you wish for, even with my bad deeds and the scary things I encounter, I still didn’t want to die, all the pain and agony I’ll be inflicted with is what I feared the most, I’ll rather run.

The silence, darkness and fearful feeling all around me was so immense that I couldn’t fight the little cry of fear that escaped my lips unconsciously, I couldn’t see a thing except the colour black which revealed nothing to me but darkness, the only thing I could think of at that moment was Papa Sunday, screaming at the top of my voice might be the only thing that could preserve my soul because it is obvious my Creator has left me in my own zone. “Leave me alone…!!!” I said as I waved my knuckle sporadically around me as a form of  defence but not ignorant that its not enough to cause any damage, I moved around the sitting room aiming for Papa Sunday’s room which I could locate without looking since its the same setup as my apartment.

Papa Sunday didn’t respond as I shouted, little Sunday didn’t make a sound with all the darkness around, I thought kids were supposed to be afraid of the dark but it appeared little Sunday doesn’t belong to that group. I threw my knuckle around like I could see them but took steps slowly towards the bed room, suddenly…there was a grip on my collar from behind me, I looked back knowing I won’t see a thing…but I was wrong, there were glowing red eyes belonging to people I can’t see, my heart was already at the edge as I shouted “HELP!!!!”, I ascended in to thin air fast like someone pulled me from the top…with force I hit the ceiling and I could tell it was broken, I kept shouting for help while I floated in the air…I felt sharp pricks all over my body like I was being stabbed needles… I didn’t stop shouting till…alas… Papa Sunday’s torch came alive, I still continued shouting while I suspended in the air,  Papa Sunday looked like he was trying to get sleep off his eyes as he scratched them, I looked at the ground and saw my laps in the process, there were syringes  all over my laps and upper body, I screamed harder after seeing my self floating and blood dripping all over me, at that moment I knew it wasn’t normal for humans to fly…I looked in front of me and saw Mama Sunday still with the fierce look on her face, Papa Sunday was still on the bed coughing like he does every morning…Mama Sunday came close with her ultra speed with another syringe in her hand aiming for my head… I screamed again but I was thrown against the wall, I hit my head hard on a sharp object but I couldn’t fight anymore…all I saw was Papa Sunday running towards me as he flashed his torch on my face…I saw Nnenna walk from behind me away in to the darkness…then I passed out

I woke up in my apartment, every where looked scattered and didn’t look the way I left it, I didn’t understand what was going on, I looked around me and thought of how I got in here, the last thing I remembered was being attacked in Papa Sunday’s house, ” whose here…???…, Papa Sunday!!!!.. I screamed but it seemed like the silence sucked my voice, I noticed my toilet door opened with a burning brand new candle placed on top of the closed lead, I knew I was doomed…quickly I turned around so I could run to the door but there was a trail of tripping blood from the door to where I stood, I wondered where the blood came from, I followed the trail but it stopped where I stood, I took a step backward and blood poured out of me like I had a tank of it, I was seriously bleeding but I felt no pinch of pain.

I rushed to the door and tried opening it but it was strongly locked from behind, I banged on the door calling for help as blood gushed out of me with my shirt soaked in my blood, I didn’t stop hitting the door as hard as I could but there was no one to come to my aid, I didn’t understand if I was dreaming or dead because non of these made any sense to me. I got tired which obviously meant this is real, a ghost never gets tired so I thought, my legs began to ache as the holes in my body kept emitting blood, I was weak and was in pain as I couldn’t move a muscle anymore, I had screamed out my energy in to the hungry silence, I sat on the ground in my pool of blood with my back leaned on the wall.

I groaned in pain loosing hope I would get out of this alive, I had a feeling this definitely is the end, I was weary but was wary of any little action or sound that could come up, I stayed at alert like I had an escape route…suddenly, the chuckle of a baby came from the kitchen, a voice of a lady which sounded like Onome’s replied saying faintly “…baby don’t cry…….baby…daddy is in the parlour…would you like to see him?….” , in response I started crying loudly” … No,no,no,no,,” as I shook my head, I stood up but I couldn’t stay on my feet for long, my already coagulated blood was slippery and it put me back on my buttocks , I just looked at the kitchen entrance and prayed no one comes out .

Onome’s whispering voice didn’t stop, she whispered all through like she intentionally wants scare the living hell out of me, I decided not to pay attention by just listening to my pitiful cry for help, I kept shouting for help which I knew isn’t loud enough for anyone to hear, even while I had the strength no one came. I saw a shadow reflect from the kitchen which really did ignite more fright for me, I had to stand up because I couldn’t take it anymore, I could no longer feel my legs nor  arms, I was obviously running short of blood, my vision was getting a little blurry but I could still recognise a ghost when I see one, I said to my self “…I think its high time you wake up from your fuqing slumber…!!!”…

I breathed heavily peeking around the room from where I sat, Onome’s shadow remained where it was without any sudden movement, suddenly cracks came from the toilet ceiling, the candle light went dim like it was going off, dust and crumbs of slate dropped from the ceiling to the ground like something was trying to open it up, sudden movements from the ceiling made me stay at alert as I couldn’t move my legs anymore, all of a sudden there was a strong hit on the ceiling slate, a leg came out of the ceiling like it wanted to jump, the whole body fell from the ceiling leaving a big hole, Eugene’s body hit the ground carelessly like someone threw it, suddenly he stood up and turned his broken neck towards me, he looked at me and smiled, Mama Sunday also dropped to the ground from the ceiling so did Nnenna, they all stood up and looked at me suspiciously, Onome came out of the kitchen holding what I believed to be her womb, blood dripped from their walking corpses as they began to approach me….I tried standing up but I couldn’t move my legs at all, my sight became worse but with the little energy in me I screamed for help…..

To Be Continued…

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